Ilia Topuria, Max Holloway's online trash talk is proving it's the next fight to be made

Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway have been going back-and-forth online over their potential fight.
Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway
Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway / UFC

After Max Holloway knocked out Justin Gaethje, fans called for a fight between him and new UFC featherweight champion Ilia Topuria. Through the media and on their own social media, both fighters have been throwing verbal jabs, giving fans a glimpse of what could be to come if the fight were ever to come to fruition.

It all started when Topuria made demands of the potential fight declaring where he wants the fight to take place and saying it would have to be for both the BMF and featherweight titles. Those demands came with a “I don’t want him at all" price tag attached to it. And Holloway, the former champion didn't like his attitude.

“That’s not a very ‘BMF’ way to say it,” Holloway told Jim Rome. “A ‘BMF’ wouldn’t say, ‘I’m not going to fight this guy unless …’ That’s kind of un-‘BMF.’ Doesn’t sound ‘BMF’ the way he’s trying to demand it and saying, ‘I’m not going to fight.’ A ‘BMF’ fights whatever, fights whoever, whenever, any weight, any time, and that’s not a tone of a ‘BMF.’”

Of course, that comment couldn't go unanswered and Topuria fired back on Twitter. "The only thing questionable about me is whether I finish you by ko or submission. I just beat the guy that beat you not once, not twice, but 3 times. You now have the one thing that keeps you relevant and that would grant you a money fight, the BMF belt. I no longer fight for money but for legacy. Winning that belt while holding my title will cement me as the first. The first to hold both belts."

He continued, "The first to knock out volk and what most certainly will happen when we fight, the first one to put you to sleep. Something to calm you down is this: God doesn’t shame anyone. You will have a worthy defeat against a champion who will be remembered for eternity. I decide who, when, and where. If you don’t like the terms I’m sure [Brian] Ortega will oblige."

Topuria made sure to throw salt in the wounds of Holloway reminding him that he finished Volkanovski and Holloway lost to him three times. He also made sure to throw a subtle threat about Brian Ortega accepting his terms if Holloway doesn't.

What's at stake in Ilia Topuria vs. Max Holloway

If this fight does happen it could be an incredible build-up and would mean a lot for both men. If Topuria were to win he would cement himself as the GOAT of the featherweight division having beaten two of the promotion's bests. If Holloway could beat Topuria he's regain his throne and derail a hype train. It could even set up a rivalry with Topuria for years to come. This is the fight to make.


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