Ian Garry reacts to Sean Strickland run-in, comments 'I feel sorry for you' (Video)

Ian Garry gets honest about his thoughts on Sean Strickland.
Ian Garry
Ian Garry / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Ian Garry and Sean Strickland have been dominating headlines for months. Part of the reason Garry has been the main topic among MMA fans is thanks to Strickland for calling Garry's wife a "predator" and revealing that the two fighters had a run-in at the UFC PI.

Now, for the first time, Garry is responding to the comments and giving his side of the story about the UFC Performance Institute incident.

Garry is one of many fighters reacting to Strickland's emotional Theo Von interview, citing how different things seem to be for Strickland, now that he's on the other end.

“I don’t personally care what happened in his childhood, or what happened in his past that has him the way he is now,” Garry said on The MMA Hour. “I don’t care what happened in your past. Don’t attack and project your pain onto other people, or other people’s families, because you can’t deal with it correctly."

He also offered some advice to Strickland.

“The UFC PI has mental health and has ways to deal with athletes’ mental health. Go talk to them and deal with it the way it should be dealt with — talk about it," he said. "Get rid of it, express it, release it, because to attack other people’s families and other people’s loved ones because you have childhood trauma, it’s completely unfair. It’s inexcusable. You don’t have a reason to attack other people because you are in pain. That’s my outlook on it.”

Prior to UFC 296, Strickland posted a video revealing that he saw Garry at the UFC PI.

“I would say it was a scene,” Garry said Monday on The MMA Hour. “It was more of a glance, and him being shuffled into a lift, and that was it. And he had a little snicker on his face, and I shouted something at him — I don’t know what I shouted at him, but I shouted something at him before I even had a chance to think."

“My body went straight into fight mode, and then the doors closed. There was nothing much to it, to be honest.”

Strickland's version was similar to Garry's, in that nothing physical happened between the two, but he called Garry a few more choice names and said he was “a dumbass f****** kid who got some p**** that was too good for him and it got in his head and it f***** you up.”

Garry says, even though he was in fight mode, he probably wouldn't have actually fought the UFC middleweight champion.

“I would have f****** talked to him, for sure,” Garry said. “I don’t know. See, this is the thing, I’m not going to start throwing hands with the bloke, because I’m a better person than that, and I would like to be above all the s*** that was said, and just sit there and be to him, ‘I feel sorry for you, man. I feel sorry for you — I feel sorry that all this s*** has you that hurt that you’re attacking everybody else."

Garry and Strickland are both gearing up for their next fights, thankfully not with each other and not on the same card.

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