Henry Cejudo mocks Sean Strickland for crying during podcast (Video)

Henry Cejudo teases Sean Strickland, Alexander Volkanovski for showing their emotions.
Henry Cejudo
Henry Cejudo / YouTube

The king of cringe might just be the king of toxic masculinity too.

Henry Cejudo has responded to the emotional podcast appearance Sean Strickland had and he's one of the few people not praising the UFC champion for being raw.

"Sean, I hope you can come to the consensus to be able to accept the fact that… you’re in this game bro. Learn how to play, don’t be [mocks crying]. You can’t man," Cejudo said on his own YouTube show.

Strickland recently appeared on the Theo Von podcast and broke down in tears describing the abuse he witnessed as a child.

“I remember I used to just sit there and hug my mom’s leg in the kitchen. We had this little nook and she would go in the nook and I would sit there and all night long, I’m by the feet of my mom and my dad [is saying] ‘I’m going to f****** kill you.’ He would talk about burning her face with acid. I’m in elementary school. He’d always tell her ‘if you cheat on me’ — and she probably was cheating on him — ‘if you cheat on me, I’m going to cut you up and put you in a bottle of acid and bury you,’" Strickland said. “Now you fast forward this, I don’t go to school. I’m up until 3 in the morning and I couldn’t stay awake in school. I stopped believing in God when I was in elementary school. I was laying in bed crying thinking about killing myself. There can’t be a f****** God here. How is there a God. Why would I be in this situation if there was a God? There ain’t no f****** god. My earliest memories. When I think back when I was a kid, I can’t recall one good memory, not one f****** good memory as a kid.”

Henry Cejudo calls out Alexander Volkanovski too, 'Keep some of that s*** to yourself'

But Cejudo didn't just target Strickland, he also poked fun at Alexander Volkanovski who was open about his depression following a lull in competition.

"It’s the same with Volkanovski. Volkanovski is showing his cards that he goes through anxiety if he doesn’t fight. Like bro like what the f***. Keep some of that s*** to yourself," Cejudo said.

This is not the first time the former Olympic and UFC champion has criticized fighters for showing their emotions. When Tom Aspinall cried in the Octagon after winning the UFC interim heavyweight title (as an underdog and on short notice) Cejudo had something to say.

“It’s an interim, Tom! Save those tears for when you actually win the real belt," he said on his YouTube after the fight. "Sometimes, when I see people like that, they just get too emotional after an interim belt. Yeah, you got a trophy, but they might as well dip that thing in either silver or bronze because it’s not the real thing.”

It's worth noting that Cejudo cried like a baby when he won his Olympic medal, which is totally fitting and absolutely normal.

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