Ian Garry absolutely unloads on Colby Covington after dissing wife

Ian Garry and Colby Covington are going at it on Twitter and it's getting ugly.

Ian Garry
Ian Garry / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Ian Garry has never been one to hold back his feelings, especially where his wife is concerned. The overprotective fighter has been in defense mode ever since the MMA community turned on Layla over an old book she wrote. Since then, she's become an easy target for fellow fighters trying to drum up a fight with Garry.

One of those recent fighters was Colby Covington who recently posted a video calling for a fight with Garry but really targeted Layla.

"Obviously, Layla wears the pants in this relationship. Ian’s a little kid," he told Submission Radio of the callout. "She’s the one that’s running his social media she’s the one that her lawyer is running his whole life. I just want her to get on her hands and knees where she’s used to being and beg for it. If she does that, then we can get down to business."

Needless to say, Garry was not happy that Covington used his wife while trash talking.

“Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, you’re in no position to tell me what I should be doing in life,” Garry said in a video on Instagram. “You’ll do as you’re told. You gave me three stipulations – all of which have nothing to do about fighting. They were all talking about my wife. I don’t know how you were raised but women aren’t property and my wife definitely ain’t no trophy. You should be focusing on me. I’m the one who is in that Octagon with you. I’m the one who’s going to punch a hole in your head. So stop swerving me and keep Layla’s name out your mouth. You’re not America’s favorite fighter. What you are is a peak under-performer. You’re the only person in UFC history to lose three world title fights, and you haven’t got a single win against anybody in the top 15 right now.”

Ian Garry and Colby Covington could be an intriguing match-up

Garry is not wrong. It's been an unwritten rule for many years that wives, family and religion are off limits when it comes to trash talk. Of course we also know that Covington is never one to play by the rules, and that's where he and Garry are the same.

Neither are booked for a fight right now and the match-up does make a lot of sense. Covington is coming off a loss to Leon Edwards, the third chance at a title he's had in the UFC. He needs to get a significant win to remain in the talk for a potential fourth chance. Garry could be that shot for Covington.

On the flip side, Garry is undefeated but was lackluster in his last performace versus Geoff Neal. He wants a title and is getting close to it, but a win over a name like Covington could cement himself as the next to face Edwards.

As smart as the match-up is, its one many fans want to avoid as it could get ugly in the lead-up between two fighters who have no filter.