Colby Covington's Ian Garry callout is the cringiest thing we've ever seen (Video)

Colby Covington has a targeted opponent for his planned UFC return.

UFC 268: Usman v Covington 2
UFC 268: Usman v Covington 2 / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington chose a bizarre way to call out Ian Machado Garry for a fight in the Octagon.

“Ian Garry, you translucent cuck, you wanted my attention, now you got it,” Covington said in the video posted to his social media. “Everybody knows why you want to fight me, Ian. I’m the biggest star in the division. It’s big city, bright lights, and the most attention and eyes you’re ever gonna have on you when I fight. …

... Everyone knows what’s in it for you, Ian, but what’s in it for me? Why do I have to go down in the rankings and fight some Casper-The-Ghost looking Irish kid who has a gold-digging wife? Let’s come to a compromise. If you can meet these three stipulations, we have a fight.”

Colby Covington issues a series of wild demands to Ian Machado Garry

Watch Covington's full callout video below.

Covington lost to UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards in December by unanimous decision. It was an uncharacteristically slow-paced performance from Covington, who later revealed he suffered an injury early in the fight that impacted his approach.

Leading up to UFC 296, Covington was up to his usual fiery antics to promote the Edwards fight. He invoked Edwards' late father into pre-fight trash talk and also repeatedly mocked Garry for his last-second withdrawal from the event.

Garry, who is unbeaten in his UFC tenure, has been mocked mercilessly for his marriage to his wife Layla Machado Garry. Her book How to Be a WAG has come under controversy in recent months, leading to Garry having to deal with online and in-person hate.

Covington, after the loss to Edwards, has his eyes set on Garry. But, there are a few conditions that Garry has to meet for Covington to sign the dotted line.

As of this writing, neither Garry nor his wife have responded to Covington's video. Garry called him out immediately after a win against Geoff Neal at UFC 298.

Covington's accomplishments inside the Octagon have been met with controversy outside of it. While he has a vocal fanbase, he's also turned a lot of fighters and fans against him because of his persona and rhetoric.

Covington vs. Garry would be an excellent matchup for the UFC welterweight division. Garry could potentially be a win away from a title shot, especially in defeating an opponent of Covington's caliber.

Covington is looking to get back on track after the loss to Edwards. Before that, he defeated Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision at UFC 272.

Garry signed with the UFC in 2021 after winning the Cage Warriors welterweight championship. He is 7-0 in the UFC with wins over the likes of Daniel Rodriguez, Neil Magny, and Gabe Green.

Tensions are ramping up between Covington and Garry; and despite Covington's cringy methods, they could reel Garry into the Octagon.


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