Gordon Ryan health update: 'Bedridden malnourished and dying' (PHOTO)

  • Gordon Ryan is out of competition due to stomach issues
  • He gave a health update on Instagram
  • He pokes fun at athletes doing steroids the wrong way
Gordon Ryan
Gordon Ryan /

Gordon Ryan is revealing some serious health issues that have kept him out of competition. The BJJ GOAT announced he'd be taking a break from competition in order to recover earlier this month but despite serious side effects, he says he's still in phenomenal shape.

"For those of you close to me, you know I've been bedridden almost completely for the last month or so with my stomach," Gordon wrote on Instagram. "Haven't been able to eat hardly anything or exercise at all. Today is the first day I've been able to push more than a light workout (I did legs) in over a month. I've lost 20 lbs (currently around 206), yet I still feel strong and look, well, I'm probably the best looking human being to have ever existed, but that's besides the point."

He then used the statement to admonish people not using steroids the right way.

He continued, "No matter how many steroids you take, you won't maintain size off cycle or through sickness if you haven't built "real" muscle. It's why you see guys go from 235 to 170 on vs. off cycle. Even though I'm malnourished and dying, I'm still me. You can't cut corners and expect proper results. This is something @notheysonny taught me 7 years ago, and i finally get what she means. More to come and fingers crossed these new meds keep helping"

Fans react to latest Gordon Ryan health update: 'Hopefully young athletes see the damage you have done to your body'

Many people have wondered if steroids are the reason for Ryan's health issues, even mentioning it in the comments of several posts.

"Last summer showed a picture all wore down and small saying he had stomach issues. Then months later was huge again. Now more stomach issues. There’s a pattern here," a fan wrote.

Another fan commented, "Would you call Tom Brady the GOAT if you knew he was on PEDs. Saying everyone else does it is not an excuse. Hopefully young athletes see the damage you have done to your body (tummy aches) and choose a better path. As of now your legacy is the juiced out douchebag who is undoubtedly the best but a horrible image for the sport."

Others criticized him for using steroids in the first place.

"Talking about cutting corners while openly doing steroids is actually insane," someone wrote.

Another person asked, "Why not just get off the juice and compete at 205 or lower weight class? See how far you can go without the super charger. Maybe you’ll still be the best maybe not. But it would be a challenge."