Georges St-Pierre's latest tweet will bring you to a screeching halt

Georges St-Pierre just got the whole of MMA Twitter excited for no reason.
Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre / Cole Burston/GettyImages

A tweet from former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has caught the attention of the MMA world. On Thursday, April 4, St-Pierre tweeted a video of himself working on his shoulder in rehab. But it was the caption that made everyone do a double-take. "Finally todayI got the greenlight from the Doc to start back to go live slowly in Combat Sport."

Many fans have thought this tweet was St-Pierre revealing his return to MMA, but it's probably not. He has mentioned many times that he has no intention of ever fighting in MMA again. So what does the tweet mean? We'll explain.

In July 2023, St-Pierre revealed he would be returning to competition under the UFC Fight Pass Invitational banner, which is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition under the UFC banner. Some previous UFC fighters who have competed on the platform are former UFC champion Glover Teixeira and former title challenger Anthony Smith, among others.

Georges St-Pierre was supposed to face Nick Diaz at UFC Fight Pass Invitational

“I felt at the end when I retired, I was training, but I needed something,” St-Pierre said during the announcement last year “I liked the kick of competition, I’d like to get it back, and I’d like to feel the adrenaline again. It’s also an avenue from fighters who still want to compete and make money and have fun with the fans and the family of the UFC.”

And even better, Nick Diaz was rumored to be his first opponent, but that match never came to fruition due to the injury we believe he's referring to in the video he posted.

“They had an opponent, his name was Nick Diaz,” St-Pierre said in October. “People that are familiar with this sport know we competed against each other in mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, he’s hurt. I think he has a neck injury, and I just got hurt myself. I’ve got a shoulder injury."

We assume that the UFC will try to re-book St-Pierre for a UFC Fight Pass Invitational card later this year but we aren't sure what St-Pierre's timeline will actually be. Stay tuned.


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