Fans roast Bryce Mitchell for new flat earth documentary: 'Worst take ever'

Bryce Mitchell after his fight with Edson Barboza
Bryce Mitchell after his fight with Edson Barboza / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

MMA fans are not happy that Bryce Mitchell is promoting a flat-earth documentary.

Bryce Mitchell has been an outspoken supporter of many controversial conspiracy theories, one of which is the thought that the earth is flat.

He's gone so far as to talk about it in his UFC interviews and is now touting a new flat earth documentary on his Instagram page.

"hey yall!! im n a flat earth film it comes out n a week," he wrote along with the trailer that can be seen here. "Its another @hibbeler_productions masterpiece. if yall dont kno by now, nasa is fraudulent. theyre evil. thats y their logo is the tounge of a snake. they make up lies like big bang and moon landins cause the elites dont want u to worship God! if ur interested check out the film next week. if not, just do ur own research. true research will lead u rite back to Jesus like it did me!!!

It didn't take long for MMA fans to flock to the comments of the post to share what they thought about his promotion of the video.

"Bro, you’ve literally flown around the world. How did you get here?" someone asked. Someone else wrote, "Worst take ever the world is not flat my guy come on now."

'I used to respect this guy' Fans blast Bryce Mitchell for Instagram post

Another fan said, "You shoulda used some of that fight money for an education brotha." Someone else wrote, "I used to respect this guy but he’s gone too far and is a clout chaser. I lost respect for this guy."

"You really believe the earth is flat? Wow. That’s pretty dumb," someone commented. Another fan wrote, "Bro I love you but you no. so you think only earth is flat and it’s just by chance that the moon and all the other planets are round like why just earth."

"Dwight Esinhower founded nasa. He was a staunch Republican as well as a five star general in the army during WW2. He was also very religious, growing up Mennonite and becoming Presbyterian after the war. He would be rolling the grave with you calling NASA evil, and devil worship," another fan commented.

Of course, there were some people supporting him in the comments, but those examples were fewer and far between.

"Love watching you fight and your videos on the farm, if you think the earth is flat and you’re happy, you do you brother!" someone said.

Mitchell is coming off a loss to Ilia Topuria on Dec. 10, 2022. He's slated for a comeback appearance at UFC 288 in May when he faces Movsar Evloev.

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