Read the full transcript of Bryce Mitchell’s hilarious UFC Nashville post-fight interview

Bryce Mitchell speaks to the media following his UFC Nashville win (photo by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)
Bryce Mitchell speaks to the media following his UFC Nashville win (photo by Amy Kaplan/FanSided) /

Read the full transcript of Bryce Mitchell’s hilarious UFC Nashville post-fight interview after his decision victory over Bobby Moffett.

If you didn’t know Bryce “thug nasty” Mitchell before this fight you certainly will now, not only did Mitchell continue his 11 fight win streak but he is also undefeated and earned his second win in the Octagon when he secured a win over Bobby Moffett via unanimous decision. After the fight, Mitchell spoke to the media touching on all topics including his love for his home state of Arkansas and the gruesome injury he suffered just a few months ago.

Read the full transcript below.

On his early adversity in the fight and what he learned from getting his hand raised

“Um, yeah I think my biggest thing is still my size, dude’s just is still so much bigger and stronger than me there’s like one time I had underhooks and he’s still about to take me down ya know he’s so much stronger and I put on all the weight that I needed to this fight it’s just I cut it too soon and wasn’t able to regain it back so it’s like my biggest thing is my size and perfecting my weight cut and ya know getting out there and just getting a little bit bigger ya know I’ll get bigger and stronger next time Y’all see me and keep that weight on cause after the weight cut I didn’t even put on all the weight I was walking around at so I just got to cut that weight a little bit smarter.”

On whether or not he will stay at featherweight despite his size

“Yeah, yeah, yeah and like I said I was before this fight I was walking around all day at 160 or above 161, 162 I just got off the scale at 152 ya know that’s a problem going into a ’45 fight at 152 ya know that’s a problem but um I just got to learn how to time that weight cut cause I got paranoid in my head thinking I’m so damn big now I’m not going to be able to make the cut so I started cutting too early well then all the weight that I gained got pissed away so it’s just like I got to get bigger and I know that I can do it cause like I said it’s like the whole time I was walking around at 160 so it pisses me off when I get off the scale and I’m at 152 knowing damn well I worked so hard to get my weight up and I’ll just I’ll get better next fight ya know.”

When asked how close he was to being submitted

“Uh, both of our chokes were real close he had a D’arce that about put me out and I mean I thought uh I was gonna go out I ain’t going to lie [chuckles].”

When asked if he thought he was going to submit Moffett 

“Yeah in that triangle I thought I was going to be able to get him but really when I walked into that rear naked choke I thought the fight was done I mean I could of sworn when I locked in that rear naked choke and I think that just comes into my squeeze power I was so exhausted at the end of that fight if I had a couple more pounds of muscle I guarantee ya it would I mean it was like this I can hear the dude like [makes choking noise] ya know like yeah I mean I could hear it like in my head I knew oh I’m about to get the tap I’m about to get the finish ya know cause I don’t want to go to decision cause I don’t know if I won or not so ya know I wanted to finish him but I just didn’t have the squeeze left.”

On his hilarious post-fight interview where he repped Arkansas, Reebok, and his Mom 

“Yeah, I been wanting these camo shorts man they think I’m playing around about that I’m dead serious. Y’all gotta get me some camo shorts from like the real deal camo.”

On whether he thinks Arkansas fighters are generally underage and if he will scream it every time he fights

“My whole career just everybody has told me ya know gotta leave Arkansas if you ever want to be good you got to go here go there and somewhere else the water is special and ya know they put their pants on a different way or something I don’t know what it is but everybody’s told me you got to leave Arkansas to be fancy and I just never believed it I believed in myself my teammates my coaches my family ya know my upbringing and uh yeah so that’s what I think about it.”

On why he wants camo shorts

“It just represents where I’m from my people and uh ya know my buddy Wade Johnson got me who’s got me started on the camo shorts and ever since he gave me his old pair, uh to fight cause one day I wore regular shorts and I ripped a hole in them and he gave me his camo shorts to wear cause I had a hole in mine and ever since then it just kinda represented like brothership and uh just my family, my teammates, and where I’m from ya know. It’s just those camo shorts mean a lot to me and how hard is it to make a pair in camo shorts come on now it ain’t hard ya know stepping into that cage fifteen minutes getting dumped in the head that s**t is hard ya know making a little pair of camo shorts that ain’t hard come on now.”

On where he will take his mother for a steak dinner 

“I’m taking her to Texas Roadhouse, Yes sir it’s a done deal she ain’t even gonna get to pick cause every time I let her she’s like ‘oh I wanna go here’ and then she’ll change her mind and its ‘oh lets go here’ its a whole ordeal I’m just going to tell her we’re going to Texas Roadhouse.”

When asked if he tore another pair of shorts 

“[Laughing] Yeah, yeah I did.”

When asked if he thought he would make it back as a winner in the Octagon after his gruesome injury six months ago 

“Uh, man when it first happened ya know it was just I didn’t know man when it first went off [drill] I really thought I could have been dead cause if it were to it literally felt like it ripped my nuts off like it literally felt like somebody took my nuts and ripped em off and then I knew I mean I already know you ripped your nuts and your wiener off you’re dead ya know or good as dead who wants to come back from that ya know so ya know and then I pulled my pants open and I looked and seen my wiener was there and then but my nuts was wrapped up but one of the nuts was hanging out.  But I was just so happy at that point my wiener was still there cause I thought that the wiener was actually ripped off too but the wiener was there and then I was thinking in my head oh I can go on with one nut but and then I unwound it [drill] and they was both still there and then thats when I was like okay I’m going to make a comeback from this.”

On what the most difficult part of his recovery and the journey back

“Um, yeah I had to heal took me three weeks until I could step foot in a gym again, I wait until I could do anything because if you start sweating when you got all them stitches they’ll get infected and I know that’s nasty and Y’all don’t wanna hear no more about it but ya know that’s what I had to go through.”

On using his injury as a positive thing to happen 

“Yeah I mean I believe everything happens for a reason I’ve always felt like uh this path I been on I’ve been protected and guided and uh ya know I could die tomorrow and say that I lived my dream I lived my life to the fullest I did everything I wanted to do and cause I might die tomorrow ya know by the looks of it I really might ya know. I might do something stupid I work with the skilsaw ya know all the time I might saw my nuts off or something man so I could die tomorrow but I’ve lived my dream to ya know my life it’s just been so fulfilling and I’m so satisfied and I’m just glad to be here and I do believe in everything happens for a reason and ya know I didn’t want that to happen to me I ain’t saying that but there’s lessons to be learned I have learned valuable lessons from that and I didn’t want to learn that way ya know but I had to learn it the hard way.”

When asked about getting his life together 

“I got a bunch of work going on at the house uh just a bunch of just bunch of stuff man I got some Jerry Springer s**t going on with the girlfriend and everything so I just ya know it’s all that’s been going on and uh yeah just a bunch of stuff is going on so I’m kind of just balancing everything. I’m going to take a little while off and really get bigger and work my technique and next fight I want to get that damn finish I’m so tired of these decisions and I know Y’all hate seeing them I want to get a finish and like I said uh I hate getting the decisions.”

On what construction projects he was doing

“I was building a roof over my camper cause a lot of camper roofs they got uh they got uh a tar roof and so my roof is good but over about ten or fifteen years or twenty years those roofs rot and I plan on staying in that camper for a while cause the property taxes are super cheap in a camper. So I live in like a little fifth wheel trailer ya know and uh I’m putting a roof up over it and uh yeah and then after that I got to build a shed just to park all my s**t cause right now my camper is full of s**t and it’s like I don’t have anywhere to put all my s**t so I have to build this roof to protect my camper and then I have to build a shed just to move my s**t from my camper to my shed and so it’s like, I’ve got a driveway I got to walk through cow shit just to get to my camper. I live in a field man with cow s**t everywhere so it’s like every day I park in the gravel and then walk in cow shit and then wipe my boots off and then go inside so it’s like I want to have a nice gravel driveway. I want my camper to be under a roof, I want all the s**t that’s piled up on my camper to be moved out in the shed ya know it’s like it’s hard to do that when you’re training and going to school and I’m still in school and I got good grades too everybody thinks I’m stupid I got good grades. I try in school uh I try in MMA it’s just hard to do all that s**t and I go fishing way too much and uh ya know so I got to work on stuff like that get my life a little bit organized I think that’s what they meant by that question.”

When asked if it’s extra gratifying to get the win despite all the adversity

Yeah, I mean a win just makes my life a whole lot easier and I got some real estate going now too started a little LLC with my buddies so we’re going to get that going.”

On what he has to say about Arkansas 

“Uh, man ya know it’s my upbringing it’s what made me who I am and uh just down to earth good people and that who I like to surround myself with ya know and there are some sketchy parts and there’s a lot of meth heads, a lot of crack heads and stuff like that um but all in all its a bunch of good people and that’s who I want to surround myself with just down to earth people.”

UFC Nashville took place on Saturday, March 23, 2019, live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. Follow along with FanSided MMA, who will be on site, for all your live results and highlights.

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