Fans react to first photo of Michael 'Venom' Page in UFC shorts

  • Michael 'Venom' Page will make his UFC debut at UFC 299
  • Photos from his first UFC photoshoot have leaked
  • Fans react to seeing him in UFC shorts for the first time
Michael Venom Page
Michael Venom Page / Getty

Michael "Venom" Page was spotted in UFC gear for the first time and MMA fans cannot handle it.

Page was signed to the UFC after many years of fans hoping he might leave Bellator for the UFC. Now, photos of him wearing a while UFC kit have been published by Getty from his first official UFC photoshoot.

'Damn shame' MMA fans react to MVP in UFC kit for the first time

The fans of course had jokes about the photos and took to Reddit to discuss the new photos.

"He looks like a diabetic Derrick Lewis," someone commented.

"Hate that it took this long," a fan wrote. "Dude's already older, got knocked out being cocky, but damn he's an entertaining fighter."

Someone else wrote, "It is a damn shame that he's already 36, and turns 37 a month after his first UFC fight. It's wild that he spent 10 years in Bellator. Oh well, we'll probably get a few fun fights before he retires, and hopefully the UFC threw some good money his way."

Page will fight Kevin Holland at UFC 299 in Miami on March 9. Even though he has a fight in front of him, he's already planning his next moves.

"I want to make as much noise as possible," Page said. "I already know, the 'MVP' that everyone's seen in Bellator, if I do even a quarter of the stuff in the UFC it just makes crazy noise and I know there's more to my game."

He continued, "I'm looking to go for the belt, there's no point wasting time trying to grow. I want to get some exciting fights, go for the belt."


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