Errol Spence Jr. signs with Fighters First Management ahead of Terence Crawford fight

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Errol Spence Jr. signs with Fighters First Management ahead of Terence Crawford fight on July 29 in Las Vegas, NV.

One of the most important things you can do as an athlete is to ensure you have good representation to look out for your best interests in the present and future. Earlier today, Fighters First Management announced that they have signed unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. (28-0) to a management deal. This comes about a week after the fight between Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford (39-0) was announced by both fighters via their social media accounts.

Fighters First Management is a relatively new company, but its CEO Adrian Clark has been managing fighters for years and is the perfect man to run the company. During his break from taking on full-time clients, Clark wrote several books and, while signing on to Fighters First Management as their CEO, completed a short film near and dear to his heart called "Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning” Clark has been wearing several hats in the last few years, but his role as a CEO has always been out in front.

While having a relationship with Spence Jr. for years and working with him on deals unofficially, it took a meeting between Spence Jr., Clark, and the Fighters First Management owner David Basha to make the deal official.

Clark told FanSidedMMA, “We’ve had really good practice since probably 2014. Errol (Spence Jr.) and I have been in several meetings together. Meeting with different promoters, and I’ve taken meetings on his behalf, so we’ve had good practice on balancing the friendship and the working relationship.”

Errol Spence Jr. signs a management deal with Fighters First Management ahead of his mega-fight in July

Clark continued, “I was doing everything unofficial for the past eleven years. He’s only obligated himself to two companies: PBC and Everlast. I negotiated both of those deals. The owner of Fighters First Management, David Basha, flew into Dallas, TX, and we met with Errol (Spence Jr.) at the airport. I just painted a picture for Errol (Spence Jr.) of what we could do for his career in order to take it to the next level. For me, it was a situation where I said, ‘I just need you to hear me out on why this thing makes sense for you to be with the company. You could take it or leave it. Either way, I’m still going to be in your corner.’ I really believe he liked the picture that was painted, which is why we are here today.”

Now that the deal has been formally announced, Clark revealed that Everlast, who Spence Jr. is also signed with, will be flying into Dallas, TX, next week to meet with him and discuss their plans for him leading up to the July 29 showdown with Crawford. Everlast has been in the boxing business since 1910 and has built a team with premier athletes worldwide so it makes sense that they have a fighter like Spence Jr. signed to them. 

Spence Jr. has now established a management company to take care of his future as he continues to rise in boxing and is involved in one of the most significant events in recent years. Fighters First Management signing Spence Jr. was a big move by the new company. They have a foundation with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and with Clark at the helm, Spence Jr. will be well taken care of for years to come.

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