Eddie Hearn's thoughts on Ryan Garcia is spot on

Eddie Hearn thinks Ryan Garcia needs help and he's not wrong.
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia - Press Conference
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia - Press Conference / Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/GettyImages

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn commented on the drama surrounding Ryan Garcia and frankly, he's the only one who really seems to get it. For months, Garcia has been dominating headlines for his erratic and concerning behavior. Many people questioned his fitness for his Devin Haney fight and his mental health overall. But nothing was done about it, at least nothing we saw in public.

After the fight, Garcia said it was all an act and he was totally fine. He admitted that he had been trolling everyone, including Haney in an effort to play mind games.

But now, months removed from the fight things with Garcia have oly gotten worse. He was arrested earlier in the week for vandalism and even had a welness visit too. His tweets are increasingly concerning and still, no one seems to be doing anything about it.

Eddie Hearn has the right idea when it comes to Ryan Garcia

Hearn's recent thoughts on the situation are spot on.

"It's not my business, but someone's gotta help him. Because you know after the Devin Haney fight when he told everybody that it was all an act?" Hearn said. "Can we all acknowledge now that it wasn't an act? Because he's still behaving like that eight weeks on. Hopefully, someone who cares for him can put their arm around him, take him away from social media, get him on holiday, get him the help he needs. Because if you can't see that his behavior is uncharacteristic, then you're a f***ing idiot. Imagine that was your son, your brother, your friend - wouldn't you be saying, 'Come on, put that [phone] down, let's go.' But no, people wanna feed off him, people wanna make money off him, there's too many yes-men around him. The kid needs help in my opinion."

Every bit of what he said is correct. But getting someone the help they need is a lot harder than we all realize. When someone is over the age of 18 no one can force them to get help. Garcia has to want help. What we can do to help is to stop giving him fights, stop giving him attention. That might be the only thing that will get through to him.