DWCS Week 7 results & highlights [UPDATED LIVE]

Everything you need to know about Dana White's Contender Series, week 7.
Igor da Silva vs. Jhonata Silva
Igor da Silva vs. Jhonata Silva / Amy Kaplan

Dana White's Contender Series continues with week 7 on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Week 6 was arguably one of the best episodes of the year, if not the whole series and Week 7 will have big shoes to fill.

FanSided MMA will be cageside bringing you recaps, highlights and results of each of the five fights including who White decides to sign and who gets sent back down to regionals.

Here's how the whole card played out.

Shamil Gaziev vs. Greg Velasco

The main event was the big boys! One punch dropped Greg Velasco and it looked like it might be over but then he got Shamil Gaziev into a crazy submission position and the story changed in a matter of seconds. Gaziev was able to escape the sub attempt and get back control where he used ground and pound to get Velasco into a rear-naked choke where Velasco tapped.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Shamil Gaziev defeated Greg Velasco via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1 - 2:38

Jacobi Jones vs. Dan Allen

The co-main event was the second lightweight fight on the card and just like it's predecessor, it got off to a huge start.

The fight went to the second and a nasty groin strike dropped Jones within seconds. After recovering they went right back to trading shots, each one looking like they were searching for that knockout. Another groin strike dropped Jones. Then once they came back together it was Allen who ate a groin strike. They went to the third.

In the final round it looked to be 2-0 Allen, and Jones was fighting like he knew it. Unfortunately for him, Allen was the better night and he capitalized on a takedown to secure the third round. It was a shutout for Jones.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Dan Allen defeated Jacobi Jones via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Stephanie Luciano vs. Talita Alencar

After two back-to-back finishes, the women wanted to put on a show. And they did just that. In the first, Stephanie Luciano and Talita Alencar threw hands and grappled to show their range of talents. Both traded knockdowns and brutal ground-and-pound before entering the second round.

The second round went much like the first with striking to start the round and then grappling. Each woman had their own shining moments of the round before heading to the third.

In the final round it was war, Luciano was overpowering Alencar in the exchanges even landing a flying knee. It appeared that Alencar might have a knee injury as she was unable to stand for very long before dragging the fight to the canvas. They ended up going to the scorecards after a grueling five minutes.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Stephanie Luciano vs. Talita Alencar declared a draw (28-28 x3)

Dylan Mantello vs. Kaynan Kruschewsky

Kaynan Kruschewsky was piecing up Dylan Mantello to open the fight but Mantello wasn't without some exciting moments of his own. With three minutes remaining they went to the canvas where Kruschewsky took Mantello's back and put Mantello to sleep fairly easily.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Kaynan Kruschewsky defeated Dylan Mantello via technical submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1 - 2:52

Igor da Silva vs. Jhonata Silva

It was a stand-up fight in the first with both Igor da Silva and Jhonata Silva trading strikes for most of the round. But with just over two minutes left they went to the canvas where a struggle for control happened with da Silva getting the better of the grappling exchanges. They went back to their feet for the last 45 seconds where the round ended.

In the second round a flurry in the first seconds saw Silva in danger. After getting knocked down by da Silva, ground and pound looked to seal the deal but Silva was able to survive and the fight continued. Back on their feet, things were more calculated with Silva eating big shots. Another huge shot dropped Silva ans that was all she wrote, the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Igor da Silva defeated Jhonata Silva via TKO, Round 2 - 2:37

Dana White awarded contracts to Igor da Silva, Kaynan Kruschewsky, Stephanie Luciano, and Shamil Gaziev.

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