Dricus Du Plessis reacts to Sean Strickland crying in interview (Video)

Dricus Du Plessis thinks Sean Strickland is a hypocrite.
Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis
Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis / Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The MMA community is split on Sean Strickland's Theo Von interview. Some fans and media are applauding Strickland for opening up about his child abuse, while others are pointing out that his past words have caused the same harm he's complaining about now.

Weighing in on it all is Strickland's future opponent, Dricus Du Plessis, who started this whole new Strickland when he used his past as a form of trash talk.

“It is what it is. I’m glad he cried and he got it out, it’s the end of that,” Du Plessis told MMA On Point. “I think we give him a lot more credit than he deserves in terms of mindset. I don’t think he thinks about anything. I think he goes out there and he fights, he fights the way Sean Strickland fights. He always has and he’s an incredible fighter. I have a lot of respect for him as a fighter.”

But even though Du Plessis respects Strickland, he doesn't think his anger makes a lot of sense considering things he's said in the past.

Dricus Du Plessis thinks Sean Strickland is a hypocrite

“Do I think he’s a hypocrite? 100 percent,” Du Plessis said. “Obviously, you know, childhood trauma is something you can’t help but you know, if you know what it feels like to be the one on the receiving end of such trauma, don’t inflict it on others because that’s exactly what he does. So yes, I mean I feel bad for him. I don’t think any kid deserves that ever.”

He has a theory about why Strickland seems to have such a sudden change of heart.

“I think he’s used to being the bully and he’s not used to being bullied,” Du Plessis said. “I don’t have to hammer on that. I already won that fight. I won that press conference and I don’t want to keep hammering on the same thing. He cried on Theo Von’s podcast, I guess it was terrible and like I said, no kid deserves that.”

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