Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes Power Slap record, bio & stats

Everything you need to know about Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes the Power Slap super heavyweight.
Dayne Viernes
Dayne Viernes / Power Slap

Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes is one of Power Slap's biggest athletes and he's got a big personality to boot. Viernes is in the super heavyweight division which has been one of the premiere match-ups since it's debut at Power Slap 2.

Viernes was one half of the weight-related record-setting appearance at Power Slap 2 when he faced off with Slap For Cash. He shocked the world when he knocked out the veteran slapfighter in the second round.

Dana White spoke about the match-up before it went down as the stage needed special reinforcements for the super heavyweight match. “Slap for Cash weighed in at something like 488 pounds and the Da Hawaiian Hitman weighs almost 400 pounds," he said. "So what we had to do is we brought in, you know the World Strongman Competition, we brought in two of the strongest guys in the world from the strong man competition, one guy’s name is Evan Singleton and the other guy is named Trey Mitchell, those two dudes are 400 pounds each, so they’re going to be the catchers."

Viernes is often confused with his brother, Layne "Da Crazy Hawaiian" who is the super heavyweight champion in Power Slap. "I got into slap fighting because my older brother is Da Crazy Hawaiian – super heavyweight champion of USA," he said.

Viernes was forced to take a bit of a time out from Power Slap after he tested positive for cocaine following his Power Slap debut. As a result, he was fined and suspended. He made his return at Power Slap 7 but lost to Eviahn Scott after getting too many fouls.

Dayne Viernes official Power Slap record





"Slap For Cash"

Power Slap 2

KO, RD 2

First ever SHW match

Eviahn Scott

Power Slap 7


DQ for fouls

Dayne Viernes official Power Slap stats

According to Dayne Viernes' official Power Slap profile, he stands ar 6'2" and weighs 365 pounds. We know that weight is often much more though, since Super Heavyweights have no limit. He strikes with his right hand. You can follow him on Instagram right here.

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