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Betting odds and predictions for Damien Dibbell vs. Ryan, Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin, other Power Slap 7 matches.
Austin Turpin
Austin Turpin / Power Slap

Dana White's Power Slap returns on April 12 for the seventh event since its creation. The event will be held at the UFC APEX one day before the UFC hosts the historic UFC 300 event.

The main card features two title fights when Power Slap heavyweight champion Damien Dibbell takes on rising star Ryan “King of Kings” Phillips. The co-main plays host to a light heavyweight title fight rematch between champion Ron Bata takes on wild fan favorite Austin “Turp Daddy Slim” Turpin.

Check out how the oddsmakers have the fights and who we think will win each bout.

Damien “The Bell” Dibbell (-135) vs. Ryan “King of Kings” Phillips (+100)

The main event will see the return of Damien “The Bell” Dibbell who oddsmakers have as the favorite at -135. The challenger, Ryan “King of Kings” Phillips is sitting at a +100 underdog. The odds on paper make sense, the champion has defended and is a force to be reckoned with, but Philips is slaping first and something tells me we won't get to see a second slap. This one won't go out of the first round, someone is going down quick.

Ron “Wolverine” Bata (+145) vs. Austin “Turp Daddy Slim” Turpin (-200)

Ron Bata defended his title versus Austin Turpin once before but it looks like the oddsmakers don't think that will happen again. They have Turpin as the -200 favorite and they might be on to something. Bata tells FanSided he plans to put Turpin down in two rounds, having let him go the full five rounds last time. But we think Turpin is going to be more fired up than ever before and if given a chance will finish it with his first slap.

Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes (-175) vs. Eviahn “Waterboy” Scott (+130)

There's a super heavyweight match on the card when Dayne Viernes takes on Eviahn Scott. “Da Hawaiian Hitman” is the favorite and that's probably a safe bet. The only hiccup could be that Scott will be striking first and it could end quickly. We think with Viernes' experience though, he'll eat the slap and come back strong with his first slap.

Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez (+110) vs. Ayjay “Static” Hintz (-145)

Former champion Ayjay Hintz returns to face Azael Rodrigues. The oddsmakers have Hintz as the favorite at -145 which sounds right espeically since he's striking first. But we see this one doing the distance. Hintz will need at least one warm-up round and it's a three round match. Hintz will probably still win but we don't think there will be a knockout in this one.

Chris “KO Chris” Thomas (-205) vs. Jewel “Kidd Diamond” Scott (+150)

Another former champion returns when Chris Thomas faces Jewel Scott. The oddsmakers have Thomas as a -205 favorite and in my opinion, it's not high enough. Even with Scott striking first, he's got little to no chance dropping Thomas.

Alan Klingbeil (+105) vs. Coltin “The Truth” Cole (-140)

Alan Klingbeil stepped in to replace Garrett “Flaco” Blakesslee which is why he's probably the +105 underdog to face Coltin Cole. The pair are relatively new to Power Slap so it's difficult to know how this one goes. Cole will be striking first so we'd go with him on this 50/50 toss up match.

Isaih “Pretty Boy” Quinones (-155) vs. Ryan “The Joker” Wallace (+115)

Oddsmakers have Isaih “Pretty Boy” Quinones as a slight favorite at -155 over Ryan “The Joker” Wallace. This is probably due to the fact that he's slapping first. We all know by now that a first slap gives you the best chance but it isn't an automatic win. We see this one going the full three rounds and Quinones edging it on the scorecards.

Russel “Kainoa” Rivero (-325) vs. Cody “Bodacious” Belisle (+225)

Russel “Kainoa” Rivero returns to Power Slap as a huge favorite over Cody “Bodacious” Belisle. It's the biggest margin of all the matches. It's a little interesting considering it's the card opener. They probably got the odds right, Rivero is no joke, but this much of a favorite is suprising. He'll slap first and we expect a big knockout in this one.

Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.


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