Damien Dibbell Power Slap record, bio & stats

Everything you need to know about Damien Dibbell the Power Slap heavyweight champion.

Damien Dibbell
Damien Dibbell / Power Slap

Damien “The Bell” Dibbell may not be one of the first names you think of when Power Slap is mentioned but he plays a big role in the promotion. The current reigning heavyweight champion is just 21 years old but makes up for what he lacks in trash talk with a heavy-handed slap.

Dibbell has also appeared as a coach for the Road to the Title reality show and is often seen on the sidelines coaching his fellow strikers.

He appeared on the Power Slap 1 card alongside Duane "Iron Gian" Crespo. The pair opened the card with a stunning second-round knockout for Dibbell. That KO earned him a shot at the heavyweight champion and slap-fighting veteran, Ron "Wolverine" Bata. The pair appeared in the main event at Power Slap 2. He won the heavyweight title after knocking out the champion in the fourth round. He's held on to the title ever since.

After he became champion, he was interviewed by his hometown newspaper and explained what he loves so much about Power Slap.

“It’s a great sport. People like to criticize it as barbaric, but it’s a ton of fun. If you like trading blows with somebody, this sport is for you," he told WFTS Tampa Bay. “When you know the hit is coming, there is nothing you can do about it. Really, I blank out my mind, focusing on staring directly at him or where I am going to place my chin to receive the slap. As it’s about to hit, that’s when you tense up and try to eat the hit.”

His first title defense came at Power Slap 5 when he took on fan favorite, Nate "The Buffalo Soldier" Burnard. The defense came easy for Dibbell who knocked out Burnard with his very first slap.

He will look to defend his title a second time at Power Slap 7, on April 12 when he takes on Ryan Phillips.

Damien Dibbell official Power Slap record





Defeated Duane Crespo

Power Slap 1 - March 11, 2023

Knockout, RD 2

Defeated Ron Bata

Power Slap 2 - May 24, 2023

Knockout, RD 4

Won the heavyweight title

Defeated Nate Burnard

Power Slap 5 - Oct. 25, 2023

Knockout, RD 1

Defended the heavyweight title

Versus Ryan Phillips


Damien Dibbell official Power Slap stats

According to Dibbell's official Power Slap profile, he strikes with his right hand and has a hand width of 24 cm. His peak velocity is 6.16 mps and his human force is 50,771 Fr with his average neck force topping at 178 N. He stands six feet, two inches and weights approximately 250 pounds.

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