5 of the most hilarious Power Slap highlights

  • Power Slap highlights are typically insane knockouts
  • But not everything has to be so serious
  • Here are five times we just laughed
Power Slap at UFC APEX
Power Slap at UFC APEX / Power Slap
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Dana White's Power Slap is one of the wildest things you'll ever see. Some absolutely hate the new sport and others can't get enough of it. Whichever side of the fence you are on, you're probably still watching the highlights.

There have been six Power Slap live events and two seasons of the TV series, Road to the Title, so there's plenty of footage out there. Most of the stuff you've seen going around on Twitter are wild knockouts and those are great, but that's not what we're doing here today.

Today, we're going to have some fun.

Power Slap is for people who don't take things too seriously. It's for people who want a show and know how to digest what they are seeing.

Like this glowing recommendation I found on Reddit.

"The way they just stand there looking at each other with murderous intent, deep into each others eyes, talking smack and then get turned into jelly while their faces waves around in the wind in slow motion is insanely funny to me," the Redditor wrote. "I can't stop analyzing every single frame seeing in exactly which one their soul leaves their body. The little grunts they do as they fall into the canvas and the echo of the slap followed by dramatic music. Something about getting slapped is so much more disrespectful than a punch and watching that put them in the ground is nuts to me in the funniest way. Looking at them brace for impact as if they were getting yelled at by their mothers, wobble, then scream at the top of their lungs only to get put to sleep minutes later and the victor jumping around in the background. It's like crackhead UFC. I can't stop laughing, man."

Without further ado, here are some slaps that just make me laugh.

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