Conor McGregor couldn't stop Tweeting about Lee Hammond after Kurt Holobaugh TUF 31 win

Conor McGregor just won't give it up, will he?
Conor McGregor and Lee Hammond
Conor McGregor and Lee Hammond / ESPN

Conor McGregor will not stop talking about his teammate Lee Hammond.

On Saturday night, Kurt Holobaugh defeated Austin Hubbard via a second-round submission to win the lightweight title for The Ultimate Fighter season 31.

But McGregor, the opposing coach, used what should have been Holobaugh's time to shine to remind everyone about his friend.

Hammond was controversially brought onto the show as a favor for McGregor, forcing other fighters out of the show. Then, when it was time for Hammond to prove his keep, he lost ... to none other than Holobaugh.

Lee Hammond was cruise sailing to victory over Hobo," McGregor tweeted just seconds after Holobaugh was awarded his UFC contract. "It was so easy it was too f**king easy. We call for the rematch now. Lee was the real star of the UFC LW contestants and kicked and punched Kurt around easily. Rematch time! Well done Team SBG, Team McGregor."

Conor McGregor wants Kurt Holobaugh to rematch Lee Hammond 'we are ready for the easy rematch'

He followed that tweet up with another one writing, "And just like that, yous haven’t a clue. The usual. Well done Lee Hammond, we are ready for the easy rematch. Hey Hobo, who taught you them short elbows? smacked around like it was an episode of bum fights you were."

McGregor's teammate, Brad Katona won the bantamweight TUF 31 finale and became the first fighter to win two The Ultimate Fighter finales.

He didn't really have much to say about that though.

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