Conor McGregor shades Michael Chandler saying 'steel crushes iron'

Conor McGregor compares steel to "iron" Michael Chandler ahead of fight negotiations.
Sep 21, 2021; Conor McGregor
Sep 21, 2021; Conor McGregor / Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like maybe Conor McGregor is finally resigned to the fact that he'll be fighting Michael Chandler. On Wednesday night, McGregor took to Twitter to taunt his future opponent, a clear sign that he's finally settled on Chander.

"I’m not messing one bit, the bones at the top of my shoulders, break faces and noses and teeth easily," McGregor tweeted, alluding to the shoulder strikes he landed on Donald Cerrone. "I’d fancy them to break a jaw handy. Isn’t that just crazy. It’s like they are made of a steel of some kind."

A few hours later he made the connection between his steel comments and Chandler's nickname "Iron" and went to town.

"I’ve industrial steel in my leg now, and I’ve long natural steel in the shoulders and elbows and knuckles of the fist," he tweeted. "I’m over 3/4 steel. And steel crushes iron. Crushes the little bones in irons face. Out with the iron you little bosu ball motivational speakin handbag."

When is the Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight happening?

The pair have always been expected to face off since they starred alongside each other on The Ultimate Fighter. But several tweets by McGregor calling out other opponents, plus his delay of re-entering the USADA testing pool, put their bout in question.

The latest update on the fight front was McGregor's claim of a December event. But Chandler wasn't confident they could fight that soon due to the USADA issue. There is, of course, a chance that McGregor will get an exemption and not have to wait the traditional six-month waiting period.

We'll have to wait for an official announcement from the UFC since we can't exactly trust what McGregor says.

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