Conor McGregor says he left people in Hollywood 'high and dry' before accepting Road House role

  • Conor McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal star in Road House remake
  • McGregor talks about making the film and turning down other offers
  • Gyllenhaal reacts to the director boycotting the film
Conor McGregor in Road House
Conor McGregor in Road House / Amazon

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor is set to make his movie debut when the film Road House hits Amazon streaming. The flick, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will premiere on Prime Video on March 21.

But before McGregor agreed to appear in the movie, he says he was courted for other roles. And even though he never did them, he says he played around with the Hollywood producers who came calling.

"I had turned down a good few roles in my time on the climb," he told Games Radar. "I’ve had directors show up at fight camp, really beautiful directors doing really top-end movies… And over and over, they’d come to me, and I always turned them down… I’d leave people a little high and dry. I probably have a few enemies out there that I don’t really know of because I had said, 'I might do it.'"

Now that he's actually done the movie, he reflected on the process.

"I was just in awe of it all, to be honest with you, the whole process," McGregor told the outlet. "I didn’t know how I was going to take to it. I didn’t know whether I was going to like it, to be honest. I’m a fighting man – that’s my bread and butter. It’s where I come from… I’m not an actor, but I’m show business. That was my vibe to it. I felt that. I enjoyed every second of it."

Jake Gyllenhaal reacts to director boycotting Road House SXSW premiere

Unfortunately the film has hit many roadblocks on it's way to the premiere. The fact that the film wasn't released on the big screen but instead when straight to streaming has been a big issue for the director who is reportedly skipping the SXSW in protest. But Gyllenhaal debunked that saying they knew the movie would go to streaming the whole time.

“I adore Doug’s tenacity, and I think he is advocating for filmmakers, and film in the cinema, and theatrical releases. But, I mean, Amazon was always clear that it was streaming,” Gyllenhaal now told Total Film. “I just want as many people to see it as possible. And I think we’re living in a world that’s changing in how we see and watch movies, and how they’re made. What’s clear to me, and what I loved so much, was [Liman’s] deep love for this movie, and his pride at how much he cares for it, how good he feels it is, and how much people should see it.”

And unfortunately the film is not getting good reviews for those who have seen the film already.

We'll have to wait and see for ourselves.