Chael Sonnen blasts 'scumbag' Jon Jones over UFC 300

  • Chael Sonnen thinks Jon Jones is ruining UFC 300
  • Jones revealed he was offered UFC 300 fight
  • Sonnen thinks Jones should have stayed quiet

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen
Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently revealed he was offered the UFC 300 main event but turned it down, a fact that his arch nemesis Chael Sonnen isn't pleased with.

“Jon Jones comes out and he says, ‘Yeah, the UFC just offered me the main event,’” Sonnen said on YouTube. “I would just have absolutely no idea what goes through that guy’s head. There’s a level of stupid that’s really hard to achieve, right? In fairness, I wouldn’t know. When would it be okay for Jon to claim he was offered a main event at UFC 300? When he wasn’t. If he was not offered that, if he’s working, if that’s a hustle to get a headline, he did a great job. If he made this up, if this is a lie about 300, great job. First time you’ve ever done a great job. But, because it would be the first time and because that’s off-brand, I don’t think that’s what happened.”

Sonnen continued, “I think he got a phone call. So now, he comes out and he outs the organization. 'Hey man, these guys don’t have a main event.’ Oh god. Daniel Cormier called him a bad employee a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, my god, what he did here is so damaging, and it’s not self-serving! He didn’t say anything that could be helpful. He only said one detail that can harm the company. ‘They don’t have a main event and they’re scrambling, which means any of you (fighters) that are getting a phone call, negotiate, hard, they need you.’ That is what the heavyweight champion just told the rest of the roster.”

Sonnen isn't wrong that it does appear the UFC is scrambling for a UFC 300 main event. On Saturday UFC president Dana White said he still didn't have a fight ready but was working on it. So it's not like Jones revealed anything White hadn't already said himself hours before.

Right now the thought is the UFC 300 main event will be Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad, a great fight on any other card but slightly lackluster for UFC 300. Let's hope White has a rabbit he will pull out of his hat for April 13.


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