Anthony Smith thinks you're stupid

Anthony Smith went in hard at MMA fans while appearing at the UFC 301 media day in Brazil.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith has never been one to mince words. His time on the microphone has tripled in recent years due to co-hosting a bit MMA podcast, working for ESPN as an analyst, and doing interviews to promote his upcoming fights.

His comments, opinions and thoughts are always dissected by fans and the media alike and his most recent interview is sure to have everyone talking. While appearing at UFC 301 media day Smith revealed what he really thinks about MMA fans and it's not great.

“The fans are stupid, they are," he said. "You guys write an article and they don’t read the article. They just read the headline and just make up the rest in their head. If they actually read it, almost everything I say makes a lot of sense. Every once in a while maybe I have some crazy takes, but it’s not that often. Honestly, me and my friends play a game, ‘What kind of crazy sh*t can I say to see what the fans will say.’ And they just play into it.”

Anthony Smith just declared war with MMA fans

He's not wrong about people just reading headlines, I've done it myself and it's a habit that needs to change. But the stupid part? YIKES.

“They can’t separate me as an analyst and me as an athlete,” Smith continued. “When I’m talking about someone as an analyst, I don’t put myself into that. I can talk about Alex Pereira all I want. I’m not talking about how it would be with me. I’m not even saying I’m better than he is. How I feel about myself personally has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. I’ve said he’s a fantastic striker — no lies there. I said he’s probably not a great grappler. Does anybody in this room think he’s a black belt grappler? C’mon.”

Despite some of Smith's hot takes, he says he's not the only one forming these opinions, he's just the only one that fans seem to go after for it.

“I’m not being disrespectful. DC’s loud ass out there said the exact same thing and nobody said sh*t,” Smith said. “But as soon as I say it, because I’m still competing they have a problem with it. I’ve just gotten to the point where I don’t really care. It doesn’t matter. The fighters know I’m speaking the truth. You don’t see anybody coming up in hallways trying to fight me about it. They know I’m right.”

Many of Smith's opinions have been taken out of context or misunderstood, I've seen it with my own eyes but calling the fans stupid isn't going to see any of that backlash go away, it'll do the opposite. Smith might have just declared war with the MMA fans and frankly, I'm not sure he'll win this one.

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