Anthony Smith would face Alex Pereira in Power Slap (Video)

Could we see Anthony Smith as a Power Slap striker soon? If it's up to him ... yes.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Former UFC title challenger Anthony Smith is a fan of Dana White's Power Slap. So much so that he'd compete on the platform and against former UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira.

Smith was a guest on The MMA Hour on Wednesday, Nov. 8

"Would you do that?" Ariel Helwani asked Smith. "Slap fighting?" he clarified.

"Maybe," Smith said. "Maybe. There's a number. But it's higher than they probably want to pay."

Helwani then asks if it's higher than his MMA number and Smith took a long pause to think.

"No, it's close probably," he laughed.

Anthony Smith says he would do Power Slap if the money was right

Helwani went on to press to see how real Smith was about doing the controversial new competition. He asked Smith if he could slap one guy, who would it be.

"The smallest guy," Smith said. Helwani asked if Smith would slap fight Pereira.

"Would I?" Smith said. "Yeah."

"How would it go?" Helwani asked.

"I don't know," Smith said. "His chin has seemed to be ... I don't know. It's held up better recently."

This isn't the first time Smith has voiced his support for slap-fighting. In March he talked about it with Helwani saying, “I’ve never been roasted more than my love for slap fighting. Before the slap league became a thing, I was already behind internet pay-per-views. If you dig deep enough in the interwebs, you’ll see fliers for underground slap-fighting leagues with a guest appearance from Anthony Smith. This was a thing my friends and I did before slap-fighting was even a thing. There were guys signed to Power Slap that I already knew."

And he said he'd have done it then, “I’d do the pilot for free, I’d do the whole season for free.”

The fans weren't happy that Smith supported it, it's been a highly controversial topic for MMA fans and media since it was announced. Even Nate Diaz is against it, tweeting that "Anthony smith is a dumbf*ck" for supporting it.

There's been five total live events for Power Slap so far and no UFC fighters have crossed over as of yet, but if there's money to be made, you bet Dana White will make it happen.

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