Anthony Pettis vs. Cedric Doumbe makes a lot of sense for the PFL

The PFL have a great fight on their hands with Anthony Pettis vs. Cedric Doumbe if they don't blow it.
Anthony Pettis vs. Cedric Doumbe
Anthony Pettis vs. Cedric Doumbe / PFL

The PFL have been pushing French MMA star Cedric Doumbe for a hot minute and it's easy to see why. He's incredibly talented, charismatic, and beloved by the fans in France. But, the the most part, he's fought no one that American fans care about. That's why the call-out and face-off with Anothy Pettis were so brilliant.

On Friday in Paris, Doumbe defeated Jaleel Willis via a dominant first-round TKO and the PFL brought Pettis into the cage (another smart move). “Fighting me in another country, that’s murder, that’s insane. But fighting me in Paris? This guy is crazy,” Doumbé said of Pettis who'd he'd been going back and forth in the lead-up to his fight. Pettis, understanding how to sell a fight asked for the match to happen in Paris where Doumbe is king.

Anthony Pettis vs. Cedric Doumbe is the next PFL fight to make

This fight makes a ton of sense for everyone involved. It's a no-brainer for Doumbe who needs a big name to add to his record and the former UFC champion is exactly the right person to add. For Pettis, it's a chance to redeem himself and prove he still has what it takes to compete amongst the best. Pettis is on a two-fight losing skid after back-to-back losses to Stevie Ray in 2022. He hasn't competed in MMA since then though he did have a boxing fight versus Roy Jones Jr. in 2023 that he won.

The decision is great for PFL too. No matter who wins, they've got a star on their hands and it's the perfect way to introduce Doumbe to the casual audience with a well-known legend of the sport. The match-up seems fair, unlike some other fights the PFL makes which are a bit too obvious for who they are building up. We could easily see this fight as a main event for a Bellator or PLF card, perhaps even on the PFL Finals card at the end of the season if both men are willing to wait.


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