MMA News: Cedric Doumbe shove, Michel Pereira rescuing animals, Jake Paul on steroids?

There is some combat sports news I want to talk about ...
Cedric Doumbe and Jaleel Willis
Cedric Doumbe and Jaleel Willis / PFL

It's been a big week in combat sports with an undisputed heavyweight title on the line between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. UFC president Dana White also announced five new fights for UFC 304 including two titles and the return of Paddy Pimblett. But these are three smaller MMA news bites that I saw and wanted to talk about today.

Cedric Doumbe and Jaleel Willis got into a shoving match during PFL Paris weigh-ins [via PFL]

Cedric Doumbe is returning to the PFL cage this week when he fights Jaleel Willis at PFL Paris. Doumbe is one of PFL's biggest stars but is coming off a controversial loss in his last fight and will be looking for a big win on Friday in order to prove he's the real deal. On Thursday afternoon, Doumbe and Willis had a bit of a squabble on the scales. It appears to have been started by Willis who approached Doumbe as he was weighing in. The pair went head-to-head before Willis shoved Doumbe away. It had to be broken up.

My thoughts: The PFL is padding Doumbe's record, like they do with many of their big stars and Willis knows he's not the one they want to win. He's just trying the make the best of the situation and throw Doumbe off his game so that he can steal the shine that directed at the French star. Can't fault Willis for taking what he can when he can.

Michel Pereira is rescuing animals from huge floods in Brazil [via Instagram]

UFC fighter Michel Pereira has been sharing videos and photos of himself and a group of people who are risking their lives and health to rescue animals trapped during catastrophic flooding. Pereira was in Brazil for UFC 301 and left after the fight to help with the rescue efforts in Macaba.

“I’m exhausted but I can’t get tired of helping,” Pereira wrote on Instagram. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life, so I chose to be on the front line. We are with you, Rio Grande do Sul.”

My thoughts: We don't deserve Pereira. In and outside of the cage he's proving he's got what it takes. What a hero.

Everyone thinks Jake Paul is on steroids [Via Twitter]

Ok, so this isn't MMA news but something tells me you'll be okay with me including it anyway. Jake Paul shared a behind-the-scenes video of himself looking "THICC" as he self-identified. Unfortunately, the comments ran wild with speculations about steroid use and cheating allegations. "On every steroid known to man," someone tweeted. "Steroids will do that," someone else wrote. And another fan wrote, "Growing the way they have always done it. Steroids will do that." Paul is set to fight Mike Tyson on July 20 in Texas.

My thoughts: At this point, I have no doubt that this fight between Tyson and Paul is a set up. I would not be shocked if no drug testing will be done or if so, if he'll just pop and worry about it later. Paul is not going to let himself lose.


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