8 of the best boxing movies of all time

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The Fighter (2010)

Director David O. Russell isn’t the most popular filmmaker at the moment. But it can’t be denied that he has put forth some exceptional work, and 2010s The Fighter is one of his best.

The Fighters tell the story of Massachusetts native Micky Ward, who was known for his wars with Arturo Gatti in the early 2000s and his vaunted left hook to the body.

Stealing practically every scene in the film is Christian Bale as Dicky Ecklund, the half-brother, and trainer of Ward, who is played by Mark Wahlberg. Bale’s performance alone is enough to warrant a viewing of the film. However, The Fighter is also about family.

Ward’s mother, who is his manager, his numerous sisters, and his girlfriend, played by Amy Adams, all play roles in his career. The two prevalent storylines throughout are that of a camera crew following around Dicky - which he believes is documenting a comeback to the ring- with him constantly bringing up his fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, and he scored a knockdown on the legend. The reality is that they are filming a documentary on crack addiction.

Ward is a struggling fighter not only financially but in his status in the sport. The Fighter showcases how family can have the best intentions and yet still not be what is good for you. Much like all boxing biopics, the timeline of events is out of order to serve the purpose of the story being told.

If you have ever seen a Micky Ward fight, he is the embodiment of a real-life Rocky. The Fighter, at its heart, is an underdog story about a man who wants to succeed for his family and hometown.

With a phenomenal ensemble cast and an outstanding performance from Christian Bale, The Fighter belongs on any list that involves boxing and cinema.