How many minutes are boxing rounds?

Abner Mares v Anselmo Moreno
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How many minutes are in a professional boxing match?

In boxing the adversary standing across the ring from you is often not the only enemy come fight night.

Male and female professional boxers each get their time inside the ring and both have the opportunity to go the distance, whether it be 12 rounds for men or 10 for women - and that is not the only difference. Male boxers also get three-minute rounds during their bouts, while women get only two-minute rounds.

It is unfortunate that women athletes are still feeling a dark shadow over them in combat sports, with getting less time in their fights to prove they one day could be world champion or why they have less time to defend a championship title belt they earned through blood, sweat, and tears.

Claressa Shields wanted women to have 3 minute rounds, like men

Claressa Shields has been a strong advocate for fairness between men and women in boxing and hopefully in the year 2023 she, along with boxing fans across the world, will see a change in the name of equality when it comes to how long rounds in boxing are.

For some boxing fans there will most likely be some sort of argument that it is only one minute less, but time can be the ultimate difference maker for both female and male boxers as getting behind on the scorecards and playing catch up could make a night inside the ring seem like an eternity as you slowly watch the clock tick away to zero.

The time that boxers have to compete during their rounds might seem odd in comparison to other sports, but a fighter’s safety is key at the end of the day. With the amount of damage that can be dished out during a 12-round fight, shorter rounds truly do make sense.

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