5 UFC, WWE crossovers we need now

Now that the UFC-WWE merger is done, here are five athletes we need to see make the cross to the other promotion sooner rather than later.
Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey / Sylvain Lefevre/GettyImages
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3. Aljamain Sterling to WWE

Aljamain Sterling is the former UFC bantamweight champion, having held the gold for 896 days. For the first time in over two years, Sterling finds himself back in a contender's position but this could open up the time for him to pursue other opportunities.

The mixed martial artists who have a background in wrestling share that with a large number of pro-wrestlers, as quite a few pro-wrestlers also partook in wrestling in school and even in competition. WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, is a classic example of such an athlete who went on to become a pro-wrestler.

This is a path that Sterling could also choose to take, and it could prove successful for him. Sterling began wrestling when he was in high school before going on to partake in NCAA Division III wrestling.

'Funk Master' could couple that with his MMA experience to switch over to the world of pro-wrestling. Sterling is also a fighter that can talk for himself and, in the world of pro-wrestling, that makes one golden.