5 things we learned from Dana White's post-fight interview

UFC president Dana White spoke to the media following UFC 299.
Dana White at UFC Press Conference
Dana White at UFC Press Conference / Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports
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4. White believes Netflix should have gotten into live sports a long time ago

Netflix is getting into live sports, with the major upcoming boxing bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul announced to be broadcast live on the streaming platform. Netflix is also set to become the official broadcaster for WWE Raw on a weekly basis, beginning in January 2025.

Upon being asked by a member of the media in attendance at the UFC 299 post-event press conference about Netflix moving into the sports space, White shared that he believed Netflix should have gotten into live sports a long time ago.

The media member was asking whether the UFC would consider going into business with Netflix, especially because the current broadcast partnership deal with ESPN is set to end in 2025. White did not answer that directly but he believes they are welcome in the live sports space, which could mean that the UFC would not be opposed to exploring a deal with the platform too.

3. We're not going to see a lot of special entrances

At UFC 299, Michel Pereira and Michael Page had entrances that were memorable. Both Pereira and Page danced their way to the Octagon, ahead of their victories.

Although the major stars within the promotion have been known to get special entrances, White doesn't believe it's something we will be seeing often. Perhaps it could be reserved for the major stars at major events but don't expect to see such on a weekly fight night event.