5 things we learned from Jorge Masvidal's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

Jorge Masvidal
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The five biggest soundbites from Jorge Masvidal's Joe Rogan Experience appearance.

Popular UFC commentator and renowned podcast host Joe Rogan caught up with one of UFC 287's biggest stars, Jorge Masvidal. The former title challenger talked to Rogan about his upcoming fight in front of his home crowd in Miami, his altercation with Colby Covington, his thoughts on a potential title fight with Leon Edwards, his feelings towards Kamaru Usman and what lies ahead for one of the most entertaining fighters in UFC history.

Masvidal not only covered the essentials for fight fans but also spoke about his political beliefs, worst injuries, favorite fighters of all time, and much more. You can go check out the full podcast on Spotify. However, if you don't have the time or patience, to sit through the three-hour-long show, here are the five things we learned from Masvidal's time with Rogan.

1. A game Jorge Masvidal is ready for UFC 287

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and realize why Masvidal appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience at this specific time. He has a huge fight lined up and we are only a few weekends away before the self-proclaimed "King of Miami" returns to the Octagon at UFC 287, facing the always-dangerous and No. 5 ranked welterweight Gilbert Burns.

Masvidal told Rogan that he cannot wait to get into the cage with Burns, and promises "it will be a great fight." Despite many fans wondering how Masvidal can withstand the grappling skills of a jiu-jitsu world champion, he believes that his opponent is "tailored made for me to give him a fucking left hook to the jaw and end his night," and that he can expose Burns on the fight since he "makes a lot of mistakes constantly (on the feet)."

Whether Masvidal steamrolls past Burns is yet to be known however, the excitement from the former title challenger is evident, especially since he will be making his competitive return to Miami after 13 years. He was honest to say that he feels more pressure heading into this fight due to the expectations from the home crowd but it appears that whichever way the fight goes, Masvidal will be ready to land a killer blow.

2. Colby Covington's number 1 hater

Maybe this has more to do with Masvidal's opinion on his former roommate but given he has recently threatened to kill UFC commentator Jon Anik during an interview with MMA Fighting, you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who disagrees with Masvidal's comments.

"Convington is a bitch. He showed his true colors for the pay-per-view money. He talked about my kids and my family," he said.

It seems nothing was forgiven or forgotten even after their UFC 272 clash, which saw Covington win by unanimous decision after five rounds, as the two were still after each other. This eventually lead to him allegedly punching Covington in the face twice in a Miami restaurant, which landed Masvidal in jail with aggravated battery and criminal mischief charges. Unfortunately for us, Masvidal was quick to brush the conversation aside when Rogan questioned him about what really went down in that restaurant in Miami.

Despite the disappointing loss, Masvidal says he wasn't at his best back then and wishes to "close this chapter in my life in MMA by competing with this guy and I'm going to take his fucking soul... I want to legally f--king murder him "

3. Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal will break pay-per-view records

Back in 2017, it seemed like Masvidal was at the end of his UFC career. Coming off back-to-back losses to top welterweight contenders, his fate seemed destined to be a gatekeeper for one of the deepest divisions in all of combat sports. Masvidal took over a year off and returned to matchup against the then-No. 3 ranked 170 pounder and the man who everyone thought would take over the division Darren Till, headlining a huge London card.

Masvidal had yet to be handed his script and would shock the world with a second round KO win over Till in front of the Brit's own fans. Following the fight, one of the most iconic moments in UFC history was just about to occur. I won't bore you with the details but the famous 'three piece and a soda' line was born after an altercation between Masvidal and current welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

Masvidal wants another shot at the title before anything else, and sees his fight against the British champion as potentially the biggest fight in UFC history. He believes that a fight between himself and Edwards can easily break pay-per-view records given the amount of history between the two. Whilst talking about the time he beat Darren Till in London back in 2019, he said, "I had a year layoff, came back, went to his own town and did it (beat him), just like I'm about to do to Leon's bitch-ass."

4. Jorge Masvidal has NSFW comments about former champion Kamaru Usman

With UFC 286 just in our rear view mirrors, it was only appropriate that Rogan asked Masvidal what his thoughts were on the state of the welterweight division. He said he wasn't impressed with how the main event between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman went down and believes that Usman maybe came back a little too early from his knockout loss to Edwards back in UFC 278.

Speaking of knockout losses, Masvidal acknowledge that he simply got caught by Usman when the latter was still the welterweight champion and Masvidal was having his second crack at the belt. He admitted that he's still not over the devastating loss and hit rock bottom but has now found a better mentality. Well, a mentality that tells him to "rip Usman's fucking brains out."

"I still haven't gotten over it," he tells Rogan. He says that he means no disrespect to Usman but considering the world class strikers he has fought, he "never would've bet it...this guy is the guy who knocked me out?" He admitted he fell into a very dark hole soon after the loss but has been able to snap out of it and get back into the best shape of his career. He's already been training for months ahead of any bout that might come his way and it seems 'Gamebred' is ready for a potential trilogy with Usman if it were to come.

5. Is Jorge Masvidal thinking about retirement?

As much as we hate to watch our favorite fighters fade out from the sport, it seems that Masvidal will still be around for at least some time still. He's stated that he has never felt better in his career, that he's training his hardest, and that hitting rock bottom after the Usman knockout made him realise that he'll never end up down that hole ever again.

However, he is still realistic, and at 38, he knows that his body will begin to make it harder for him to compete at the highest level, yet he remains positive, saying "when I can't hand with the pack, I'll call it quits." The reason is that he doesn't want to become a stepping stone for younger fighters and would much rather bow out gracefully than by being humiliated inside the octagon.

When Masvidal does decide to hang up the gloves and call it quits, one thing is for certain, the world of MMA will be a sadder place without his trash-talking, highlight reel knockouts and tremendous fights he has brought us. There might still be one title run left in him before we say goodbye.

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