5 questions heading into PFL's 2023 season we want the answers to

PFL 10: Championships
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We need answers to these five questions during the 2023 PFL season.

The Professional Fighters League is entering its fifth season on April 1 and quite a few questions have surfaced between the end of the 2022 season and now.

1. Where is Kayla Harrison?

Eagle-eyed MMA fans probably already noticed that Kayla Harrison is not competing in the tournament portion of the season. In fact, it appears there's no lightweight division this year, instead, a featherweight tournament is in its place. Prior to the 2022 finals, Harrison was the unofficial face of the PFL. She was the shining star and looked to be unbeatable.

Prior to her final fight, Harrison had said she would leave the tournament behind and focus only on super fights in PFL or beyond. Of course, that all changed when she was defeated by Larissa Pacheco, suffering her first MMA loss. Following that loss, she came to speak to the media and said she might re-think that plan as she seemed adamant that she wanted a rematch with Pacheco.

At press time it's unclear where Harrison will appear next as Pacheco is now competing in the featherweight division.