5 of the best UFC APEX fights, 1 of the worst

  • Fans are up in arms about UFC APEX shows right now
  • But they aren't all bad, some were really great
  • We break down five we liked and one that failed to deliver
UFC APEX general view
UFC APEX general view / UFC
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Beginning with the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC APEX has become one of the staple locations for a usual Saturday night of fights. With nearly 100 official events hosted at the APEX, pay-per-view and fight night included, there have been hundreds of moments that will stand the test of time in mixed martial arts history, and a few more that we would rather forget about.

When the idea of the UFC APEX first spawned, no one could have imagined the importance it would play in the future of the UFC. Servicing shows like The Ultimate Fighter and Dana White's Contender Series were supposed to be the facility's main purpose, but a global pandemic forced the company to shift their focus into near-weekly shows that have continued, to a lesser degree, to this day.

The first-ever UFC APEX card was held on May 30, 2020 and was headlined by Gilbert Burns who took on Tyron Woodley. Woodley, who was originally scheduled to fight Leon Edwards in March of that same year, was competing in a non-championship bout for the first time in almost four years. At the time, it was unclear exactly how long the UFC would be using the services of the UFC APEX, but as of today, there are still regular events being held at the building.

As we potentially near the end of the UFC APEX era, with more and more shows being taken back on the road and into familiar markets, it feels like an appropriate time to reminisce about some of the moments that made the UFC APEX a truly unique experience. From fight of the year contenders to highlight reel knockouts and everything in between, the UFC APEX has offered nearly everything to fight fans.

Let's take a look back at five of the best UFC APEX fights, and one of the worst.