5 of the most hilarious Power Slap highlights

  • Power Slap highlights are typically insane knockouts
  • But not everything has to be so serious
  • Here are five times we just laughed
Power Slap at UFC APEX
Power Slap at UFC APEX / Power Slap
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3. Somersault heard around the world

This might be the funniest of them all. During a pre-event exhibition event, Sheena Bathory knocked out her opponent so hard that she somersaulted trying to recover. Thankfully there were mats and men to keep her from further harm.

4. The fans are spectacular

There haven't been "real" fans at a Power Slap until Power Slap 6, in early February and man were we missing out.

During a celebration an angry fan took off his shirt and used it to get the attention of one of the strikers. He then flipped the guy off as he was celebrating.

Apparently the beef stemmed from the Road to the Title show but honestly, it doesn't even matter. I laughed my as* off all night long watching this guy react.

5. Even the weigh-ins are wild

Probably one of my personal favorites is Austin "Turp Daddy Slim" Turpin who makes it know everywhere he goes what he's feeling.

One of my favorite moments was during his weigh-in for Power Slap 5. He showboated all the way to the scales and even while he was standing on it in the nude.

"Butt naked in this b*tch," he proclaimed.

Gotta give it to a guy who can trash talk in the nude.

If any of these highlights pique your interest, there will be another Power Slap event the day before UFC 300 in Las Vegas. It's unclear if the event will be at the Durango again or if they will head back to the UFC APEX for this one.

But either way, it will be wild.


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