3 things we learned from the new UFC documentary

Fight Inc is airing on the Roku Channel. Here's three of the best moments from the three episode series.
Dana White - Fight Inc
Dana White - Fight Inc / ROKU

The UFC was the subject of a new three-part documentary airing on the ROKU Channel and it's unveiled some interesting tidbits about what happens behind the scenes. Each episode of Fight Inc had a different theme including matchmaking, production, and building a star. Throughout the episodes, fans saw never-before-seen moments and learned some inside and new information about some recent UFC events. We broke down a few of the moments we found the most interesting in case you don't have time to watch the full series right now.

1. Daniel Cormier still hates Jon Jones and isn't afraid to show it

In one of the clips, Jon Jones calls into the broadcast meeting for his interview with the team. In the room are Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier (among others). Over the call, Jones gives his backhanded compliments and platitudes to Cormier who is seen visibly bothered and annoyed at having to deal with his former foe. After Jones delivers one of his famous condescending compliments and hangs up Cormier looks at the camera and flips it off. I for one, hope this rivalry never dies.

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov wanted to make Shavkat Rakhmonov vs. Kamaru Usman

In one of the more interesting clips, we see UFC president Dana White talking with Ali Abdelaziz and Khabib Nurmagomedov about matchmaking for Kamaru Usman. Abdelaziz, Usman's manager, says he wants to see Usman fight Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Nurmagomedov wanted him to fight Shavkat Rakhmonov instead.

"You know, one of the things that makes you a great fighter is when you're 36-37 and you have 15-fight win streak. Like in the [old] days, you defend your title many times, you're one of the best of all time," Nurmagomedov says in the clip. “And then you give an opportunity to young guys to shine, it makes you great. Can you imagine, if [Kamaru Usman] fights Shavkat and he beats him? Shavkat is a beast. He's undefeated and he's going to become a contender."

Seeing how the mind of a fighter versus the mind of a manger works was really interesting to see. Nurmagomedov is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time and it's easy to see his mindset in this example. Too bad we can't see this kind of matchmaking all the time.

3. Hunter Campbell gave Jon Jones his injury diagnosis, not his doctor

This clip really bothered me. In it, we see Jon Jones learning he'll be out for 6 months to a year due to the type if injury he sustained in training. The part that bothers me is that Hunter Campbell got his test results and diagnosis before Jones did. That just feels wrong.

I understand sharing the news with Campbell and Dana White, but only after the patient is informed first. Campbell should not have been the one to tell him the news. AT THE VERY LEAST, the doctor should have been present in the room. This whole clip gave me major icks.


You can watch it on Roku devices or TVs, and it's also easily accessible online at TheRokuChannel.com, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TVs, Samsung TVs, Google TVs, and other Android TV OS devices. Each episode is about an hour long and will be released at the same time.


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