3 things PFL vs. Bellator got right, and 1 they got wrong

  • PFL vs. Bellator is in the books and overall it was a success
  • Overall, the PFL found success on many fronts
  • But there were some things they can work on for the next event
2024 PFL vs Bellator
2024 PFL vs Bellator / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Wrong: Pretty much everything else

Unfortunately there were quite a few smaller issues the PFL had during the event. These smaller things added together make for a big issue if not rectafied. Thankfully, these should be all easy fixes.

Here are a few of the smaller issues we (and the fans) noticed:

Audio issues: This was probably the biggest issue of the night. When the card opened there was no audio on Chael Sonnen and Sean O'Connell. Then again no audio when the broadcast cut to off-site betting experts. In fact, that offsite audio issue was never fixed and they cut them three times.

Camera issues: At one point a cameraman followed a woman walking down the ramp, into the cage and right out of it before they realized that wasn't Claressa Shields. Someone in production should have realized and cut to another camera so the viewers didn't see the mistake.

Scorecard issues: The announcer had issues reading the scorecards correctly. He read them out of order more than once, which can cause confusion for the fighters, viewers and media covering the event.

Lighting issues: The cage was lit in a weird way which wasn't normal PFL lighting. It was likely due to being outdoors but there were times fighters were completely blown out, or in dark pockets of the cage.

Over the top cheesy elements: PFL was a little "extra" and not in a good way. Maybe no one has ever told them that "less is more." They gave away too many belts, it should have only been reserved for the two champ vs. champ fights. They didn't need a throne, or flags. There was just too much going on. It's better to have fewer elements and perfect them.

Overall, this event was a success, don't get blinded by the negative points I made, the positives outweighed all the negatives.


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