Why are Ian Garry and Chael Sonnen going at each other?

Ian Garry and Chael Sonnen are two of MMA's biggest talkers.

Ian Garry and Chael Sonnen
Ian Garry and Chael Sonnen / Amy Kaplan

Ian Garry and Chael Sonnen have been trading insults over the last few weeks and it all seems to be stemming from Garry's UFC 296 withdrawl.

Garry came down with pneumonia and was not cleared to compete at the end-of-the-year event. The news was broken by Sonnen on his YouTube page, a fact that appears to have bothered Garry.

“That’s Chael talking out of his a**, and making stuff up with his creative journalism license,” Garry said during the UFC 296 weigh-in show. “He’s fine. He’s absolutely fine, and the only thing is he’s more annoyed that he can’t go and watch the fights; he loves watching the fights.”

These comments comes just a day after Sonnen spoke about Garry on the World MMA Awards red carpet.

Chael Sonnen says Ian Garry's PR is 'terrible'

“I think Ian Garry’s got very good advice. He’s clearly had great coaches. Just by example: He’s a handsome guy, he’s well-spoken, he gets the game, his skills are top-shelf. His PR sucks. Not that it’s bad – it sucks. It’s terrible. I only share that because there’s only one thing you can’t do, which is nothing – which is what he did do," he said. “He could have showed up to the press conference, sit with a book. He could have set it up and walked out and the book just sits in his spot. He could have gone to the press conference, put a cigar in, put his feet up and read the book at the press conference and ignored the questions completely. He could have done anything but nothing.”

It's clear that there's no love lost between the two, and if it escalates, the war of words could get pretty intense.

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