3 things PFL vs. Bellator got right, and 1 they got wrong

  • PFL vs. Bellator is in the books and overall it was a success
  • Overall, the PFL found success on many fronts
  • But there were some things they can work on for the next event
2024 PFL vs Bellator
2024 PFL vs Bellator / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Right: Pacing

One of the biggest complaints I see over and over about PFL fights is the pacing. They tend to have large gaps between fights without a whole lot of reason.

Outside of the 50-minute delay in starting, the pacing was spot on. There wasn't a lot of downtime between fights, except for a few really fun segments including interviews with Jon Jones and Mike Tyson. If you are going to stop the action at least give the viewers something worth the wait, and PFL did that this time.

Let's hope that part sticks around as these events move forward.

Here's a few fans and media complementing the promotion on the pacing of the event, which is not something you see often.