3 reasons even casual MMA fans should watch PFL vs. Bellator

  • PFL vs. Bellator is set to be a historic card for the sport
  • It's the first time the two promotions will come together with champions vs. champions
  • Here are three reasons everyone should be watching on Saturday
2023 PFL Championships
2023 PFL Championships / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Biaggio Ali Walsh makes his professional MMA debut against Emmanuel Palacio

Biaggio Ali Walsh may not be a recognizable name on paper to the general public but his grandfather certainly is. As one of the few elite athletes across all sports to be unanimously detectable by most people, Muhammad Ali is undoubtedly the most influential boxer of all time, needing few incentives for many to take an interest in how far his blood relative can go in his own fighting career.

At 25, Ali Walsh will be making his long-awaited professional debut after competing in the PFL as an amateur since 2022. As an amateur, Ali Walsh is 6-1 with all of his wins by KO/TKO and the lone loss coming by submission in his debut.

Unsurprisingly, Ali Walsh presents an exciting style heavily dependent on his boxing. Ali Walsh trains closely with his brother, Nico Ali Walsh, a professional boxer.

Having already made history, Ali Walsh is the first amateur MMA fighter to have his bouts on national television with the PFL on ESPN. There is no limit to his potential due to his skill and star power so do not miss the beginning of what may potentially be a second Ali dynasty.