3 of Canelo Alvarez's best fights, 1 of the worst

Canelo Alvarez will fight Jaime Munguia on Saturday, May 4.
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Worst: Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder

Although Alvarez was able to earn himself a decision victory against John Ryder, his performance left many wondering if his best boxing days were behind him. Closing as a near -1600 betting favourite and fighting in his home country Mexico for the first time in over a decade, most expected a classic performance followed by a knockout victory. Though the scorecards awarded Alvarez almost every round, fans were left frustrated with the absence of a knockout or highlight reel showing.

The official headline of the contest was titled "The King is Coming Home" with everyone in the Estadio Akron looking forward to a crowning performance for one of Mexico's greatest athletes in history. What transpired on that evening in May 2023 was arguably the most underwhelming performance Alvarez had ever delivered.

Alvarez was able to decisively win every statistical category, from power punches, to total jabs landed, and overall punch efficiency, but a decision win over such a massive underdog was a rather anticlimactic way to cap off the event.

Alvarez will look to deliver a much more inspiring performance against Munguia and prove once again why he is the face of sport and one of the best boxers in the world.

The résumé Alvarez has been able to put together is one of the most impressive the world of boxing has ever seen. The fights highlighted above are just a glimpse into the storied career millions of fans around the world have been fortunate to witness. While still only 33 years old and looking as good as ever, it is still important to appreciate Alvarez every time he steps into the ring. The fights he has been able to deliver over the past decade or so will live in boxing history, just as these final few chapters of his career will be remembered forever.

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