3 of the best MMA podcasts that aren't the Joe Rogan Experience

A look at three of the best MMA podcasts ... outside of Joe Rogan's.

Spotify Hosts The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
Spotify Hosts The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast / Cindy Ord/GettyImages
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The Anik and Florian Podcast

If you have ever watched a UFC broadcast, you have undoubtedly heard the energetic, passionate words of Jon Anik, one half of the show's namesake, as he calls fights Octagon-side. If your fandom spans further back, or you are a fan of the PFL, you have probably heard commentary from the other half of the show's title, Kenny Florian, who challenged for UFC titles in more than one division.

With more than 400 episodes under their belt, they are hardly new to the scene, but their content is always fresh. They have even expanded to other offerings, such as Remember the Show, featuring welterweight title contender, Belal Muhammad, and Anik's twin brother, Jason Anik. The Anik twins have even gone outside of MMA with their show, Anik Squared, which covers the NFL.

In addition to the marquee hosts, the show features regular appearances by coaching legend, Ray Longo, of Serra-Longo Gym, and show handicapper, Brian Petrie. The show's producer, Cody Merrow, even chimes in on the action occasionally.

The show typically airs twice per week, with a mix of current MMA news, recaps, fighter interviews and regular segments of The Ray Longo Minute and The Main Event Challenge, featuring Petrie.

The Ray Longo Minute, as the name would suggest, features Longo discussing MMA news, recaps, his haircuts, and upcoming fights for fighters out of his camp. The segment also offers a look into Longo as a person and the sense of familial commitment he instills in those who train with him.

The Main Event Challenge features Petrie and Florian picking fights from a betting perspective to see who comes out more profitable at the end of the year, with the loser suffering a punishment, as is customary with friendly fantasy leagues. Their picks also have consequences for Anik and Merrow, who have been teamed with Petrie and Florian respectively, to celebrate wins and commiserate in losses, until a winner is determined.

The love of the sport runs deep with everyone involved in the show and that shines through in the final product. You can find their episodes on the DraftKings YouTube channel, with their other shows and shorts airing on YouTube on the Anik and Florian channel.