25 of the best Bellator fights of all-time

Bellator has had some amazing fights in their history, and here are just 25 of the very best the brand has had to offer.

Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez
Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez / Bellator
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20. Anatoly Tokov vs. Gerald Harris – Bellator 218 (March 22, 2019)

The fact this fight saw a second round only goes to show you how tough Anatoly Tokov is. Tokov was dropped early in the first round by Gerald Harris, who then tried to finish Tokov with a barrage of heavy strikes to the face. Tokov took a couple dozen shots to the face but because he was fighting to get back to his feet, the ref kept the fight going. Tokov would head into the second round behind but a key body blow would open up a submission opportunity for Tokov, latching onto Harris' neck and squeezing. Seconds later, Harris would tap and Tokov would remain still unbeaten in Bellator.

19. Derek Campos vs. Brandon Girtz 3 – Bellator 181

A quiet trilogy that doesn't get the love it deserves, Derek Campos and Brandon Girtz had three of the most fast-paced, and brutal fights in Bellator history, and while each of the first two bouts is their own showcase of brutality, the third was their magnum opus. Girtz and Campos were tied up one win a piece heading into Bellator 181 and the two flamethrowers did all they could to burn their rival down. Countless homerun shots were thrown by both men, and both men were different shades of red by the end. When the second round came to a close, the mat looked like a Jackson Pollack, leaving the ringside doctor no choice but to waive the fight-off and award the trilogy to Campos. Had this gotten the third round, it would've been much higher on the list.

18. Paul Daley vs. Brennan Ward – Bellator 170

Brennan Ward's comeback story is impressive, but at Bellator 170, it was the comeback story of Paul Daley who really got people talking. Ward had control of Daley throughout the opening minutes of the fight, even taking his back, but Daley fought back to his feet and gained separation through a nasty spinning elbow. As Ward stepped forward, Daley took off with a flying knee that dropped Ward and ended the fight instantly.

17 . Saad Awad vs. Brandon Girtz – Bellator 219

Brandon Girtz is back on the list and you know what that means; big punishing bombs. In the first 50 seconds of the first round, Girtz had Saad Awad on his knees, covering up, and a win was all but guaranteed at that point. Awad would survive and would take control of the second round with some thundering knees to Girtz's face. Girtz would come back, nearly finishing Awad in the third, but exhaustion would take the best of them. In the end, the fight would go the full 15, and Girtz would get the win via unanimous decision in one of the most exhausting affairs you'll ever see.

16. AJ Agazarm vs. Adel Altamimi – Bellator 238

I'm pretty sure if you count the times Adel Altamimi nearly knocked out AJ Agazarm at Bellator 238, you get a free slushy; because it's a lot. And if you were thinking that Altamimi won because of that fact, you'd be wrong. And probably shocked. Despite getting pounded like a veggie burger at a steakhouse, Agazarm was able to secure the takedown to start round three, and while going for an armbar, changed up at the last minute to sink in a triangle choke and secure one of the best come-from-behind wins in Bellator history.