2 of the best European UFC champions, 1 of the worst

There have been a lot of UFC champions from Europe, some were great and others ... not so much.
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Best: Conor McGregor

The most popular and polarizing superstar in mixed martial arts history was also the first and only fighter from Ireland to win a UFC championship. Conor McGregor accomplished this impressive feat not once, but on two separate occasions en route to becoming the first ever simultaneous two-weight world champion in UFC history.

McGregor's achievements have been widely publicized over the course of his career but he has almost become historically underrated due to some of his out of Octagon adventures. Between his trash talk, his Hollywood debut, new and emerging alcoholic beverage brands, and everything in between, many have forgotten just how skilled the Irishman is inside the cage.

His signature left hand highlights many of his career knockouts that have earned him a spot as one of the greatest strikers in mixed martial arts history. With knockout victories across three weight classes, McGregor has all the skill to backup his brash personality.

Although McGregor never attempted to defend one of his championships, his three career championship victories (including one interim championship win) over Chad Mendes, José Aldo, and Eddie Alvarez respectively are all legendary performances and have cemented "The Notorious" as one of the all-time greats along with one of the best European fighters ever.