10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0 / IMDB
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3. Donald Cerrone — The Terminal List, The Night Shift and Magnum P.I.

It should be no surprise to find Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone on this list, as the UFC Hall of Famer left his final fight by declaring himself a future 'movie star' to Joe Rogan.

As mentioned, Cerrone got his television start as the other half of the 'Fight Milk' duo in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Paul Felder. But since he has gone full-time as an aspiring actor, the USADA-less Cerrone has done a lot more work to beef up his IMDb profile.

Later on in 2017 — the same year as his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia appearance — Cerrone appeared on The Night Shift as 'wounded paramedic Nick.' The MMA icon would also work on the set of Godless as an unnamed gang member to kick-start his acting career. Somehow, Cerrone still had time to fit in three fights in 2017.

Three years after his trio of cameos, Cerrone took part in season two of Magnum P.I. as a robber named 'Reese.' And yet again, Cerrone still managed to fight three times in 2020 as well even with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing.

Since his retirement, the Denver native returned to TV to appear on the Amazon Prime Video show The Terminal List as 'Tomahawk Guard.' Cerrone has yet to return to shoot another television role.

As has been the trend, most of Cerrone's TV appearances feature the former UFC wins leader as a criminal or villain. Cerrone, who is often credited in acting roles as Cowboy Cerrone, would also be involved in a brief fight scene in Magnum P.I. However, 'Reese' would end up dying in the episode shortly after.

Most of Cerrone's work has been in movies, as the fighter most notably was seen in Spenser Confidential. Per IMDb, Cerrone acted in five different movies in 2023, including Outlaw Johnny Black, 3 Days in Malay, Mojave Diamonds, Americana and The Weapon. The former lightweight has also been in separate films as a stuntman.