10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
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5. Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne — 9-1-1

Since retiring from MMA, Ronda Rousey has done a little bit of everything.

Rousey has made appearances on Saturday Night Live and SportsCenter, but the former UFC champion has made her most notable public debuts in the WWE and acting. In between wrestling matches and co-running the 'Browsey Acres' with her husband, Rousey has made a continuous impact in the movie industry but also had a recurring role in season three of 9-1-1.

Rousey played the character of Los Angeles firefighter 'Lena Bosko' on the show. While Rousey's role on 9-1-1 was fairly significant, the women's MMA pioneer co-starred in an episode with her husband, Travis Browne, who made a short cameo appearance.

In the episode titled 'Rage,' Bosko took her co-worker to a fight club. Unknown to her male counterpart, Bosko was there to not only spectate but also compete in a parking lot fight. The opponent? None other than Rousey's real-life husband.

Bosko handled Browne's unnamed character in the show, knocking down the much larger man before brutalizing him with ground-and-pound. It is safe to assume that Browne does not make Rousey do the dishes at home.

Though Rousey has stated how much she enjoyed her time on the show, she actually almost lost a finger during one of her first days on set. The inaugural female UFC champion got involved in an accident that forced the judoka to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Don't worry, she made a full recovery.

A potential return to the UFC has been rumored for Rousey in 2023, but for now, the superstar remains content to run her farm with her husband.