10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0 / IMDB
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7. Max Holloway — Hawaii 5-0

It would only be right for the 'Pride of Hawaii' to appear in the state's most prestigious television production, and Max Holloway found himself on an episode in 2018.

The second edition of Hawaii 5-0 has had an endless list of guest stars including Jimmy Buffet, Jerry Rice, Diddy, Carol Burnett and many, many more. It took eight seasons, but Holloway finally made an appearance on his hometown show as a criminal bodyguard.

Similar to Tyron Woodley, Holloway played 'Makoa,' a thug bodyguard — surprise, surprise — for the season's main antagonist, Noriko Noshimori. Unlike Woodley, though, Holloway's character remained on screen for only a couple of minutes.

The former UFC featherweight champion did have a speaking role, however. In the scene, Noshimori threatens her brother, Adam, to give her a large sum of money. As everyone else in the shot walks off-screen, Makoa delivers a body shot to the sternum of Adam that drops the cop. Makoa would also tell Adam: 'you heard the lady.'

In the same year, Holloway would also make a cameo appearance in the film Den of Thieves as the robber known as 'Bas.' So far, Holloway has not made any additional television appearances since working on the set of Hawaii 5-0.

Of course, Holloway is not the only UFC fighter from Hawaii to appear on the show. UFC 1 contestant Teila Tuli, who now goes by Taylor Wily, starred in the series with the recurring role of Kamekona Tupuola. Wily, 55, had a long and successful sumo career before getting head-kicked by Gerard Gordeau in his one and only MMA fight.

It is unclear if Holloway intends to pursue acting once he hangs up the gloves, but the UFC superstar can always be found on Twitch and YouTube.