10 of the highest paid UFC fighters of all time

These are 10 fighters who make the most money fighting in the UFC.
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7. Junior dos Santos - $7,400,000

Most casual fans flock to watch the heavyweight fighters more than any other division across all combat sports. However, it must be noted that most heavyweight fighters are relatively less skilled and versatile and power is the defining attribute in most of the fights. This was the situation with the UFC heavyweight division as well until fighters like Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez emerged on the scene.

Along with Velasquez, Dos Santos elevated the competitive standard and skill level of the heavyweight division by decimating the traditional competition. It was only after the Velasquez and Dos Santos era that versatile fighters like Stipe Miocic and a resurgent Fabricio Werdum started appearing on the scene.

Despite being one of the most talented fighters of his era, Dos Santos declined significantly at a relatively young age after his intense wars against Velazquez. However, he had a legendary run in the UFC and won the heavyweight title. His rise through the ranks made him a massive star in Brazil as well as the USA, helping him make $7.4 million in earnings from UFC fights.

Dos Santos’ meteoric rise through the ranks during his initial run contributed to the rapid increase in his fighter pay as well. In the title eliminator bout against Shane Carwin, which was his first main event fight under the UFC umbrella, Dos Santos took home $200,000 in disclosed salary, which steadily increased after becoming champion.

6. Michael Bisping - $7,500,000

Michael Bisping’s UFC career is one of the most inspiring chapters in MMA history. Bisping came into the UFC as an outspoken and undefeated prospect from the United Kingdom. While his initial run in the promotion showed signs of a bright future, BIsping found himself at the receiving end of one of the most vicious knockouts in UFC history against Dan Henderson.

While the psychological impact of such a loss could have broken many fighters, Bisping continued with his quest for a UFC title shot. Unfortunately, Bisping lost every fight that could elevate his career to the next level which include his losses against Tim Kennedy, Vitor Belfort, Luke Rockhold and Chael Sonnen.

However, made the most of the opportunity by knocking out Rockhold in a short-notice title fight to finally realize his dream of becoming a UFC champion. But despite the several setbacks, Bisping was steadily adding to his earnings during his UFC career.

His flamboyant personality and trash-talking skills never allowed Bisping’s fights to go unnoticed. Bisping was one of the most polarizing fighters of his generation and fans were more than willing to watch his fights whether it was to support him or his opponents. Courtesy of this, Bisping earned $7.5 million from his UFC fights.

According to the available data of fighter salaries disclosed by Athletic commissions, Bisping started making upwards of $100,000 per fight from 2009 and earned incrementally more as his career progressed.