This might be the worst elbow injury we have ever seen (Video)

  • A gruesome elbow injury occurred at Fury FC 86
  • The fight between Myron Dennis and George "Tucco" Tokkos ended in a dislocation
  • MMA Twitter reacted to the moment
Fury FC 86
Fury FC 86 / UFC Fight Pass

All injuries in MMA are brutal, but there's nothing like seeing a limb pointing in the wrong direction that will make you re-think your whole life.

This latest one is pretty nasty. Viewer discretion is advised.

While fighting at Fury FC 86 in Dallas, TX on Feb. 23, Myron Dennis dislocated his elbow and man, it's bad.

He was fighting George "Tucco" Tokkos at light heavyweight when Tokkos took Dennis down. Dennis made a classic mistake and tried to post with his arm and bam, it popped out.

For much of the on-air time his arm was pointing in the wrong direction, completely grossing out all of the viewers.

Tokkos won via TKO.

Before the loss, Dennis was coming off a win over Marcus Gable at Fury FC 83 on Sept. 17, 2023. Before that, he was on a three-fight skid with losses to Fabio Cherant, Ty Flores, and Ryan Parker.

Tokkos now advances to three in a row with wins over Brian Jackson and Gabriel Thimoteo.

The pair were competing in a light heavyweight bout on the main card of the event. The card is headlined by Julius Holmes vs. Aaron Phillips at welterwreight.


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