Who has the most wins in UFC history?

There are several fighters with more than 20 wins in the UFC but the fighter with the most has 26 total wins.
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Winning a mixed martial arts contest in the UFC is one of the most esteemed accomplishments a fighter can achieve in their career. While one victory in the Octagon is a milestone, sustaining success over a long period is the most significant way for someone to assert their place within the promotion.

Jim Miller has 26 UFC wins, more than anyone else in the organization's history. Miller began his winning ways with a strong debut at UFC 89 in 2008 when he submitted David Baron. His overall UFC record is 26-17, and he even beat the man tied for the second most UFC wins, Donald Cerrone, who retired with 23 in the company.

Miller remains active but failed to add to his historic win total in his last fight at UFC 300 after dropping a unanimous decision to Bobby Green. Though 40, Miller doesn't seem to be retiring soon, leaving him a few more chances to extend his record.

26 Octagon victories are no easy task for any fighter, yet several current competitors may challenge the record before their careers are through. Andrei Arlovski also has the second most UFC wins at 23. He already has the most heavyweight wins, and though he is 45, he hasn't made any noise regarding a potential retirement.

Neil Magny, Charles Oliveira, Dustin Poirier, and Max Holloway are all tied with 22 wins and remain competitive in their respective weight classes. Holloway has the most time on his side regarding age and potential fight years left, as he is only 32. Though Magny is 36, he's durable, is ranked No. 12 in the welterweight division, and fights often with quick turnarounds between bouts. This trend has been the norm since his 2013 UFC debut and is a big reason he's tied for the third most victories in history.

Jim Miller has the most UFC wins in history

The UFC introduced women's divisions in 2013, and since then, the now-retired former bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes holds the all-time win record with 16. The current bantamweight champion, Raquel Pennington, is in second place with 13 and, at 35 years old, may have a few years left to challenge Nunes's top spot.

So many great athletes have competed in the UFC, won championships, produced spectacular finishes, and achieved notoriety. However, longevity equalling that of the fighters listed above has proven elusive. Luckily, the UFC continues recruiting top talent, holding events, and giving more people the chance to win in the world-famous Octagon. In many respects, the organization is still in its infancy, and there's a chance many of its records will be challenged in the future.


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