When is the next Power Slap?

Power Slap 6 should be taking place in February 2024.

Power Slap 5
Power Slap 5 / UFC

Dana White's Power Slap has been creating headlines everywhere, some good and some bad. But no matter what you think of the new contact sport promotion, it appears it's here to stay.

The next Power Slap has been confirmed for Feb. 9, according to Frank Lamicella, Power Slap President. The event had been teased a few times by UFC president Dana White as happening during Super Bowl weekend, which is Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024.

In October, White told the media he was planning a Power Slap for the Friday before the Super Bowl and a UFC that Saturday.

“We just wrapped Season 2 of the (Power Slap) show,” White said at the post-Slap media scrum. “We’re happy, we got some guys that are legit who are gonna be damn good. And you’re starting to find people now from all over the world that are into this. Our next big event is gonna be Super Bowl weekend. We’re gonna do like a Friday Slap, Saturday UFC, Sunday Super Bowl weekend. Looking forward to that. These guys are gonna start building that card here, next couple of weeks.”

There have been no announcements as far as who will compete, except that the coaches from Road to the Title season 2 will headline the card. Welterweight champion Chris Thomas and No. 1 contender Emanuel Muniz will compete and likely several of the strikers featured on the show will, as well.

Power Slap can be watched live and free on Rumble.

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